Universal Messaging with
WebSphere MQ

Designed for secure, reliable, scalable movement of data and messages

IBM® WebSphere® MQ Advanced delivers a single Integrated Universal Messaging platform designed for simple, rapid, reliable and secure transport of data and messages between applications, systems and services. It provides an open, robust and scalable messaging backbone.

WebSphere MQ Advanced consolidates previously separately entitled products into a single product entitlement: messaging, managed file transfer functions, advanced message security capabilities and lightweight messaging for mobile and machine to machine (M2M). With this consolidation, WebSphere MQ Advanced provides single install and integrated tooling, helps ease licensing and entitlements for all messaging options, and thereby reduces time to value and simplifies usage.

WebSphere MQ Advanced provides:

Versatile messaging integration from mainframe to mobile

Message delivery with security-rich features

High-performance message transport

Simplified licensing and entitlements

Integrated tooling and improved access to open standards

WebSphere MQ Advanced

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Designed for secure, reliable, scalable movement of data and messages

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