WebSphere Sensor Events delivers an enhanced enterprise-class sensor solution platform.

WebSphere Sensor Events provides the core platform for developing, deploying, and managing end-to-end solutions that exploit the new real-world information available from networked sensors. WebSphere Sensor Events:

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Features and benefits

WebSphere Sensor Events delivers new and enhanced capabilities to create a robust, flexible, and scalable platform for capturing new business value from sensor data. WebSphere Sensor Events is the platform for integrating new sensor data, identifying the relevant business events from that data using situational event processing, and then integrating and acting upon those events with SOA business processes.

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
Both 32- and 64-bit versions of the following operating systems are supported except where noted.
Software requirements:


To use the Administrative Console, you must have one of the following browsers installed with JavaScript™ enabled.

Bundled software
The following software is included with WebSphere Sensor Events as required middleware. For your database, you can use Oracle instead of DB2® Workgroup Server Edition. See “Other supported Software” below for additional software support.

Other supported software
Hardware requirements:

Intel Hardware for Windows or Linux install:

POWER Hardware for AIX install:

Disk space requirements:

Memory requirements:

Note: Above system requirements are the minimum requirements. Actual requirements should be adjusted based on the particular deployment.

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