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Your customers have high expectations for personalized, seamless and relevant shopping experiences across multiple channels. Meeting those expectations can help earn customer loyalty and drive sales. IBM® WebSphere® Commerce is an omni-channel commerce platform that gives you the customer and business insight needed to engage shoppers as individuals with personalized content and offers, deliver mobile optimized experiences and more quickly respond to market opportunities to grow your business.

Features and capabilities of WebSphere Commerce


Achieve faster time-to-market and simplify your web or mobile store creation

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Customer Experience:

Create and manage engaging and compelling customer experiences

B2B e-Commerce:

Make it easier for partners, customers and resellers to do business with you

Marketing & Merchandising

Deliver personalized and relevant offers and promotions across channels

B2C e-Commerce:

Provide consistent shopping experiences across channels

Microsites & Subsites:

Create numerous unique sites to serve different brands, regions or business models

Mobile Commerce:

Extend the shopping experience across mobile devices and smartphones

Sales Configuration:

Guide customers through configuring and ordering complex products and services

Order Fulfillment:

Improve customer service through greater inventory visibility and order status

Social Commerce

Extend the brand experience beyond your site and across social networks

Digital Analytics:

Gain insight into how customers are interacting with your brand across multiple channels

Product editions:

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise: Provides an omni-channel e-commerce platform for B2C and B2B business models.
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WebSphere Commerce Professional: Powerful customer interaction platform to help midsize companies offer personalized, cross-channel shopping.
Features | Product support

Commerce on Cloud: Enables you to quickly go to market with an omni-channel commerce solution to create engaging brand experiences across customer touchpoints.
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WebSphere Commerce - Express: A customer interaction platform designed for fast, easy implementation to quickly create your online presence.
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WebSphere Commerce resources

The IBM WebSphere Commerce family of products offers the following capabilities:


Helps B2B companies deliver an omini-channel buying experience and more quickly create B2B online stores for direct and indirect B2B models. It includes B2B-specific user registration, catalog browsing, promotions, targeted marketing and buyer org/admin capabilities.


Create a superior B2C brand experience by engaging shoppers seamlessly across channels with personalized content and offers that are optimized for web, mobile and tablet delivery. Provides customer experience management, catalog and content management, precision marketing and site search capabilities and tools that minimize the dependency on IT to create and manage store pages.

Commerce Insights

Works with WebSphere Commerce to provide online merchandisers with e-commerce analytics to deliver customer and market insights on your site, embedded with your products and categories.

Starter store

Speeds time to market and simplifies implementation of your storefront with the latest online store features and best practices for both B2C and B2B scenarios.

With an extensive set of site-level, category-level, and product-level features you can customize the look and feel of your storefront while giving shoppers the personalized experience they expect with browsing, search, marketing and promotions.

Commerce Composer

Enables business users to manage the customer experience with the ability to create and modify store page layouts and content with reduced dependency on IT. Business users can create and modify pages by assigning functions to pages through reusable widgets accessible in a widget library.

Site search

Helps deliver targeted search results enabling customers to find products more effectively. Provides enhanced search functionality such as automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction, and the ability to influence store search results by using search term associations and search-based merchandising rules.

Globalization and localization support

Designed to support globalization and localization so you can create unique sites tailored to the needs of an international or culturally diverse customer base, all on a single instance of software. Supports 13 languages and can process multilingual data and present culturally correct content to engage customers around the world.


Deliver brand or promotional messages to customers through various methods including displaying the message on store pages or sending a message with email or mobile text messaging. Create, manage and deploy personalized marketing campaigns across direct and extended brand touch points.


Offers many ways to incent customers to make purchases through promotions that include price discounts; merchandise specials such as gifts with purchase and buy-one-get-one; and service promotions that include reduced shipping costs.

Visit the IBM Knowledge Center to discover what’s new in WebSphere Commerce Version 8 and read the WebSphere Commerce product overview.

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