Improve maintainability and visibility of decision logic in COBOL applications

IBM WebSphere ILOG Rule for COBOL allows WebSphere ILOG JRules rulesets to be generated into COBOL code for use inside COBOL applications.

Add powerful business rule management system (BRMS) functionality to existing COBOL-based applications in order to improve automated decisioning. Externalize decision logic for management in WebSphere ILOG JRules.

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Greatly extend existing COBOL-based applications with advanced business rule management system (BRMS) functionality for quickly deploying and updating decision logic. Externalize and manage decision code for management with WebSphere ILOG JRules, and then convert it back into COBOL for easy insertion into the applications your company depends on.

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WebSphere ILOG Rules for COBOL

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The WebSphere ILOG business rule management system (BRMS) product line provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable Business and IT functions within the organization to work together collaboratively for authoring, maintaining and deploying decision logic that is critical to business systems.

Rules for COBOL is ideal for companies that deploy business rules in COBOL, but want to benefit from the latest BRMS technology. The rules in a COBOL application can be incrementally migrated to a central business rule repository for external management, even directly by business users, and still be executed in COBOL code.

Benefits of Rules for COBOL:

New Features in Rules for COBOL

The v7.0x releases of Rules for COBOL provide a number of new and improved features:

WebSphere ILOG Rules for COBOL V7.1 improves the ability to define, maintain, and govern decision logic used in COBOL-based applications.


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