Turn Your Digital Assets into a Revenue Stream

  • Provides a simple, customizable, secure access point for uploading and accessing digital media
  • Optimizes revenue by selling rich media already created via an enhanced distribution system
  • Delivers personalized content and reduce production costs using real-time collaboration
  • Enriches the buying experience of customers and trading partners through a variety of options for payment, delivery and format
  • Strengthens and streamlines your processes for e-learning, marketing communications, and distribution of digital content
  • Leverages Java's open standards to deliver a flexible, easy-to-maintain solution
  • Supported as portlets within WebSphere Portal.

WebSphere Digital Media Enabler V5.5 brings together award-winning WebSphere Commerce and IBM DB2 Content Manager. It enables you to create, store, search, view, collaborate, purchase, download, distribute, market and sell content directly through the Web. From the ability to rapidly evaluate, index, and browse high-resolution video to handling vast tracks of text and images, WebSphere Digital Media Enabler provides you with out-of-the-box capabilities that are fully supported by a viable e-commerce solution.

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