IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender enables organizations to integrate industry based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across their enterprise.

Deploy a single, universal transformation solution that works with all of IBM's key integration products. Deliver industry transformation solutions with predefined packs for Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and EDI. Transform large volumes of data of any format efficiently and effectively.

WebSphere® Transformation Extender (WTX) can help your business by offering the following features and benefits:

A programming-free environment
WTX provides a unique, graphical user environment that allows integration designers to visualize complex data types in graphical form, and provide powerful data processing and manipulation capabilities. This code-free method allows users to build processing and integration flows based on the business requirements, without programming model or common data model constraints. Users are able to construct integration and data processing objects through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, and deploy from the design, instead of "coding under the design" as far too many methods require. WTX allows users to integrate data of disparate types, from disparate sources, and can allow them to process their integration object natively in those environments - all without the need to know the programming languages of those environments.

Lower processing costs, providing greater capabilities
Some of the greatest integration and processing challenges to enterprises revolve around the need to process many incoming data objects together, and resulting in many outputs. This "Many-to-Many" challenge has forced many organizations to resort to programming-based processing, or to have extremely high compute costs due to the need to handle each "step of the many inputs" separately, and then tie the results together on an output-by-output basis. In many cases, this challenge has resulted in companies building integration infrastructures that are nearly as costly as the systems which they integrate.
WTX is able to process natively many data inputs together, with a "single read of the data," and to provide these combined input processes to many outputs in a single process. This unique ability can allow companies to dramatically lower their processing costs, increase their processing throughput, and, most importantly, provide powerful data integration, enhancement, and processing capabilities which are available across their enterprise infrastructure.

Your environment, your data, your business
WTX can be deployed in your environment in the way which you need it to be. Through the WTX Server's wide operating environment support, companies can choose the optimal environment for their processing.
Further, WTX is available as an embeddable or stand-alone data transformation engine, providing its powerful processing capabilities to messaging infrastructures, applications, enterprise service bus, application servers, and devices.
WTX is designed to deal with custom data and system types. From binary data to hierarchical data, from semi-structured to mixed formats, and literally to any data, WTX provides data transformation and processing across the enterprise environment.

A powerful, proven solution
WTX is the data processing and data integration engine for some of the most demanding environments. From stock exchanges to pharmaceuticals, from manufacturing to insurance and global commerce, WTX provides high-throughput, highly complex data processing capabilities in some of the most mission-critical applications in the world.

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WebSphere Transformation Extender

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