Event Driven Integration without Bounds

  • Distributes business event information in realtime from disparate sources through a network of access points or a centralized broker
  • Extends WebSphere MQ messaging transport with other protocols, including mobile, realtime, enterprise, telemetry and multicast endpoints
  • Allows high-performance content and topic-based publish and subscribe message routing
  • Comes bundled with the Message Broker Toolkit for WebSphere Studio
  • Supports upgrading to WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker.

What's New in WebSphere Event Broker V6.0?

WebSphere Event Broker V6.0 offers an easy way to distribute information based on the content of messages. Event Broker does this by providing publish and subscribe capabilities for customers who do not require the powerful and adaptable transformation capabilities provided by Message Broker.
These products now contain a copy of WebSphere MQ Everyplace(R), allowing you to link directly from WebSphere Message Broker or WebSphere Event Broker out to mobile platforms and devices.

WebSphere(R) Message Broker and Event Broker V6.0 are now available on the following operating systems:

  • Linux(TM) for iSeries(TM) and Linux for pSeries(R) POWER(TM) platform
  • Solaris on x86-64 (Opteron) in addition to the AIX(R), HP-UX, Linux x86, Linux for zSeries, Solaris (SPARC), and Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) platforms.
  • Support for the HP-UX Itanium operating system
  • Improvements to the WebSphere Message Brokers toolkit within WebSphere Message Broker V6.0, WebSphere Event Broker V6.0, and WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.0

WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.0 is not available on the Linux™ for iSeries™, Linux for pSeries®, Solaris on x86-64 (Opteron), and HP-UX Itanium platforms.

WebSphere Event Broker (formerly WebSphere MQ Event Broker) lets you rapidly build a flexible, extensible, and secure real-time event driven infrastructure that leverages applications and devices across heterogeneous platforms. It routes in-flight business information to people and applications, regardless of device or location. WebSphere Event Broker provides a flexible entry point into integration, allowing you to start simple and grow, and leverage existing investments in skills and other assets.

For any WebSphere MQ Transport, you can extend the licensed end-point limits by purchasing a WebSphere Business Integration Connection Pack. As an example: Purchase one license extension pack for telemetry end-points and obtain 1000 telemetry end-points in addition to the 500 telemetry, 5 multicast, 10 real-time, and 25 Web services end-points included with the base license.

WebSphere Event Broker

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