e-business Finds Its Voice

  • Voice-enable your applications to wireline and wireless devices using VoiceXML and Java standards
  • Leverage your investment in Internet-skilled resources, telehpony and Web infrastructure.
  • Support many telephony platforms, including WebSphere Voice Response for AIX® V3.1 and WebSphere Voice Response for Windows V3.1, Intel Dialogic, Cisco or Siemens HiPath, and Voice Server Speech Technologies for Windows and Linux
  • Include complimentary copies of Voice Toolkit for WebSphere Studio and WebSphere Studio Site Developer.

WebSphere Voice Server provides speech recognition and speech synthesis (Text-To-Speech or TTS) engines, voice application development tools and telephony platform connections to develop and deploy applications for use over telephones.

What's new in WebSphere Voice Server V5.1.3?

WebSphere Voice Server V5.1.3 includes WebSphere Voice Server V5.1.3 and WebSphere Voice Server V4.2 for AIX, and provides the following new function:

  • Support for AIX 5L 5.3 (including LPAR)
  • Continued support for WebSphere Application Server infrastructure for a common administrative console throughout the enterprise, as well as for scalability and reliability
  • Continued support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system
  • Continued support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS/ES/AS for Intel 3.0 and SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8.0 (SLES 8.0)

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