Efficient virtualization and infrastructure management for cloud and software-defined storage

IBM® Virtual Storage Center enables IT storage managers to easily migrate to an agile, cloud-based, software-defined storage environment—and manage it effectively. It is both a storage virtualization platform and a storage management solution.

It enables organizations to optimize storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting. Add new types of storage with less complexity. Standardize processes without a “rip and replace” of existing storage systems.

IBM Virtual Storage Center provides an end-to-end view of storage and helps you manage your data with more confidence. It features:

A single console for managing data on disk, flash and file storage
New systems of engagement take advantage of flash systems to enable near real-time analytics and file servers to deliver rich content. Storage may be getting more complex, but storage management does not have to. Supported systems include:

Analytics-driven tiered storage optimization
Storage can adapt automatically to changing workloads—optimizing performance and eliminating most manual tuning efforts. It puts greater analytical power to work in your data center.

Software Defined Storage
Turn existing storage into software defined cloud storage, with no “rip and replace” required. The solution enables you to adapt to the dynamic storage needs of today’s applications by providing storage virtualization, automation and integration. Features include:

Near-instant backup and restore
To reduce downtime in high-availability virtual environments, application-aware snapshot backups can be performed frequently throughout the day to reduce the risk of data loss.

Simplified visual administration tools

Flexibility of fit:
Choose from three deployment options to better meet your configuration and capacity needs:

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Efficient virtualization and infrastructure management for cloud and software-defined storage

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