Advanced transformation for high-volume, complex and industry-standard transactions

IBM Transformation Extender (formerly IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender) enables your organization to integrate industry-based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across the enterprise. It helps automate complex transformation and validation of data between a range of different formats and standards.

The solution provides complex data processing capabilities for some of the most mission-critical applications in the world—from stock exchanges and pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, insurance and global commerce.

IBM Transformation Extender offers these features and benefits:

Provides a single, universal transformation solution

Offers flexible deployment options

Supports industry-standard data transformation requirements

Transformation Extender for Application Programming

This edition is used to deploy transformations in custom programming environments and third-party application servers. Includes APIs and interfaces for C, Java, EJB, COBOL and others to integrate the transformation engine into your environment or program.

Recommended when you want to call directly from your application into the transformation engine to execute a prebuilt transformation map developed in the Design Studio.

Transformation Extender with Command Server

This edition allows you to call the transformation engine from a command line, shell script, JCL or timer. It provides a powerful command-line driven environment to control the execution of a transformation.

Recommended for standalone and batch processing environments. It is ideal for extending an existing application, batch process or file exchange-based business processes with minimal intrusion.

Transformation Extender with Launcher

This edition provides a standalone event server runtime environment for the transformation engine. It includes Command Server capabilities.

The launcher activates transformations based on triggers. A trigger can be a file creation, a message arriving on an IBM MQ Queue, a DBMS trigger, a timer or other option. The launcher can enable combinations of triggers. With support for up to 100 inputs and outputs, it can handle many complex event processing scenarios.

The launcher helps you process transformation flows using a graphical flow editor in the Transformation Extender Design Studio.

Transformation Extender for Integration Servers

This edition extends the transformation engine across your middleware infrastructure including Sterling B2B Integrator, Integration Bus and WebSphere Application Server.

Transformation Extender industry packs can provide out-of-the-box capabilities to integrate a range of industry-standard data formats with your enterprise infrastructure.

Industry packs help your organization accelerate the delivery of transformation solutions. They provide predefined tree type templates and conversion maps. In many cases, they include validation maps and tools to help reduce risk for projects that require conformity to mandatory and advisory guidelines.

Financial services industry packs

Healthcare industry packs

Supply chain industry pack

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