Captures, analyzes, stores, and reports on Web sites

  • Provides rich reporting capabilities and publishing options
  • Analyzes visitor traffic, visitor behavior, Web content and site integrity
  • Captures data from multiple sources including HTTP servers, FTP severs, application servers, the IBM WebSphere software platform and directly from Web pages through the Web Tracker feature
  • Correlates Web server performance data with e-business Web traffic data
  • Identifies which business partners or referrers are the most effective and beneficial
  • Assists capacity planning by identifying peak traffic patterns and trends
  • Assists Web site management by identifying the most popular areas of your Web site as well as the unused portions
  • Includes IBM DB2 Universal Database and optional Oracle support

IBM Tivoli Web Site Analyzer is an enterprise-level Web analytics tool that transforms random Web data into valuable e-business intelligence. It provides a clear picture of the overall health and integrity of the e-business infrastructure supporting business outcome management.

By capturing, analyzing, storing and reporting on Web site usage, health, integrity and site content, IBM Tivoli Web Site Analyzer provides essential metrics on visitor site interactions and the site's overall performance. You can leverage this insight to optimize the site for increased customer loyalty and e-business effectiveness.

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