Visibility, control and automation for data and storage infrastructures

IBM® Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center is data and storage management software for managing heterogeneous storage infrastructures. It helps to improve visibility, control and automation for data and storage infrastructures. Organizations with multiple storage systems can simplify storage provisioning, performance management and data replication.

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center simplifies the following data and storage management processes:

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center is an integral part of IBM Virtual Storage Center, which enables multi-platform storage virtualization, as well as data and storage management.

A single console for managing all types of data
New workloads such as analytics and Big Data use high performance flash storage and expandable file and object storage systems to improve business results. While storage is getting more complex, IBM storage management solutions are getting easier to use. Supported storage systems include:

Simplified visual administration tools
Advanced visualization reduces the skill level and time required to investigate and resolve storage infrastructure problems. Visualization can also reduce administration errors – improving service levels. Key capabilities include:

Storage and device management

Integrated performance management

Data replication management

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center resources

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Visibility, control and automation for data and storage infrastructures

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