IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is a data protection platform that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration for storage management needs. It is the flagship product in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager family.

It enables outstanding efficiency, simplicity and scalability for virtual, physical and cloud backup environments of all sizes. Learn more how Tivoli Storage Manager:




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1. Average of individual customer Analysis Engine Reports from Butterfly Software (PDF, 1.40MB), May 2013, n=450. The savings include cumulative 36-month hardware, hardware maintenance and electrical power savings. Excludes one-time TSM migration cost.

2. Up to 10 times more user data can be ingested, deduplicated and replicated in an 8 hour backup window using v7 and IBM's reference architecture blueprint for large systems, compared to version 6, when Tivoli Storage Manager deduplication was introduced.

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Tivoli Storage Manager's scalable architecture and modular design help organizations of all sizes meet their data protection requirements with more efficiency, simplicity and scalability.

Flexible deployment options include cloud services, integrated appliances and capacity-based solution bundles.
Application-aware and workload optimized options enable customized data protection for critical workloads.
Premium IBM components and patented IBM technology allow Tivoli Storage Manager to deliver more client value.

Flexible Deployment Options

Tivoli Storage Manager is available in a range of configuration options, including solution bundles, appliances and cloud services.

Solution Bundles:

Appliances and cloud services:

Application-aware and Workload Optimized Options

Snapshot management

Continuous Data Protection

Backup and recovery agents

Bare Machine Recovery


Premium IBM components and patented IBM technology

Tivoli Storage Manager uses premium IBM components and patented IBM technology not found in other backup and recovery software.

Examples include:

Tivoli Storage Manager Family includes optional third party software that can be ordered directly from IBM for additional convenience.

Rocket Device Adapter Pack for IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager
Rocket Servergraph Professional
DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft® SharePoint® Backup
Cristie TBMR - Bare Machine Recovery for Tivoli Storage Manager
Cristie Bare Machine Recovery (CBMR)

Rocket Device Adapter Pack for IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager

The Rocket Device Adapter Pack is a set of adapters which allow IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager to take snapshots of competitive storage devices on Unix and Linux platforms (Storage devices on Windows platforms are supported by FlashCopy Manager via VSS provider). The Rocket Device Adapter Pack enables support for FlashCopy Manager snapshot-based backup, restore and cloning functions for EMC Symmetrix (VMAX and DMX) storage devices.

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Rocket Servergraph Professional

Rocket Servergraph is an enterprise-class, web-based solution that lets you address and control your entire multi-vendor backup environment. It offers a clear, centralized interface that helps storage managers, backup administrators, and backup operations teams get their jobs done faster and more efficiently, by providing real-time information about their multi-vendor backup environments with reports, alerts, and monitoring functionality.

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Bare Machine Recovery

In the event of a server failure, Bare Machine Recovery is designed to restore the operating system and applications. Recovery can be to the original or to new dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine.

Cristie TBMR - Bare Machine Recovery for Tivoli Storage Manager

Bare Machine Recovery software for Tivoli Storage Manager is specifically for Tivoli Storage Manager environments. TBMR provides rapid recovery directly from Tivoli Storage Manager and without having to perform any other backup of the operating system files.

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Cristie Bare Machine Recovery (CBMR)

Cristie standalone Bare Machine Recovery software provides an ideal solution for enabling bare machine recovery at branch offices and small data centers that are not connected to Tivoli Storage Manager.

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Microsoft® SharePoint® Backup

DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft® SharePoint® Backup

DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft SharePoint enables application-aware, SLA-driven data protection for SharePoint environments.

Capabilities include:

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