Enterprise-wide privacy management

  • Delivers a Web-based tool for transforming your written privacy policy to digital form, creating a centralized, digital privacy policy that can be deployed to many systems
  • Maps specific data fields, business purposes, and groups to monitored applications and IT systems which automates publishing changes to existing policies or adding new policies to applications and IT systems
  • Provides reporting tools to generate audit trails of opt-in and opt-out choices, and accesses to personally identifiable information by data users
  • Monitors data submission to LDAP repositories and access requests to quickly enable privacy monitoring for LDAP
  • Includes a software development toolkit for developing new monitors
  • Leverages security infrastructure provided by IBM Tivoli Access Manager and application infrastructure by WebSphere

IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager for e-business is designed to help organizations build privacy policies and practices directly into their e-business applications and infrastructure. It can used to automate many privacy compliance activities, which simplifies the incorporation, monitoring and enforcement of privacy policy into business processes. IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager for e-business provides an enterprise-wide view of all privacy policies, thus enabling companies to create, edit, enforce, and centrally manage privacy policies across the entire IT infrastructure.

IBM Tivoli Manager for e-business works with IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business by incorporating business purpose specifications and end-user choices into access requests. In doing so, IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager for e-business provides the first enterprise-wide management platform to ensure that sensitive data is being accessed for approved purposes.

Supported platforms

The following operating systems are supported by IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager for e-business.

Supported platforms:

Page last updated on June 27, 2006.

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