Bring marketing practices to your talent acquisition strategies

IBM® Kenexa® Talent Acquisition Suite is an integrated suite of recruitment solutions augmented by proven consumer marketing tools and practices to help you build proactive pools of best-fit talent, market to and nurture candidates, deliver an exceptional candidate experience on any device and increase productivity in new hires.

The IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite integrated hiring solution includes:

  • IBM Kenexa Lead Manager: An innovative candidate relationship management tool that is powered by a world-class consumer marketing platform to help recruiters proactively attract, source, engage and nurture talent and leads.
  • IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud: A market-leading, global applicant tracking system to help you quickly find and hire top talent.
  • IBM Kenexa Onboard on Cloud: Eliminate paper, cycle time and data-entry errors associated with onboarding new employees and accelerate assimilating new hires into the company culture, for faster time to productivity.
  • IBM Digital Analytics: Data is the key to understanding candidate behaviors and recruitment effectiveness. IBM Digital Analytics for Talent Acquisition measures and monitors the candidate web traffic during the application process within IBM Kenexa BrassRing.

Expand your talent Kenexa Talent Acquisition portfolio, as needed, with complementary recruitment strategies.

IBM Kenexa Talent Insights – enables HR professionals to make strategic, fact-based decisions for driving business outcomes using sophisticated analytics that are powered by Watson® Analytics.

IBM Kenexa Employment Branding – allows organizations to convey their brand qualities both internally and externally in order to attract and retain the right talent for their organization.

IBM Kenexa Behavioral Assessments – provides a series of behavioral assessments that help elevate the quality of hires, by predicting performance and potential with an understanding of traits, skills and fit, as well as insight into developing and retaining top performers.

IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments – delivers a faster, more effective method for managing large talent pools to help determine if the skills for a specific job role are met; available in multiple languages for numerous roles and industries.

Learn how IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite has helped organizations make a significant difference in their recruitment strategies.



Cabela’s, one of world’s leading outfitters, used IBM’s Smarter Workforce solutions to study the company’s culture, using the findings to engage employees. IBM Kenexa’s Employment Branding team conducted a cultural assessment of the organization, which allowed Cabela’s executives to pinpoint the areas of strengths and opportunities within the company. With the support of IBM Kenexa’s Employment Branding Creative Team, an employee value proposition (EVP) was created to communicate the culture and direction of the company. Cabela’s also uses IBM Kenexa’s Talent Management solutions to support and facilitate the recruiting process.

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