Improve supplier compliance through near real-time performance management

Sterling Supply Chain Visibility provides real-time visibility. View the demo.

IBM® Sterling Supplier Portal allows you to create and exchange business documents electronically with your trading partners, regardless of company size or technical expertise. With Sterling Supplier Portal, you can configure and manage your supplier community while providing simpler, more security-rich document exchanges. Using a web portal, your suppliers can enter data in forms to create electronic business documents that help process orders more accurately.

Sterling Supplier Portal features enable you to:

  • Create, configure and manage web communities through a single process.
  • Work with non-electronic data interchange (EDI) suppliers to create electronic business documents.
  • Provide near real-time visibility into the performance of your trading partner community.
  • Make it easier to add trading partners by automating the registration and information gathering process.

Create, configure and manage web communities

  • Use templates with configurable logos, layouts and colors.
  • Create supplier-based web communities faster.
  • Shorten the configuration time required to connect with your partners.

Work with non-EDI suppliers

  • Help your suppliers be more responsive.
  • Use date-based event management and notifications to help your supply chain function successfully.
  • Offer suppliers greater visibility into the order-to-cash process.

Provide near real-time visibility

  • Offer a single view of your community of trading partners.
  • Help manage contact with partners through community announcements.
  • Identify unresponsive partners and help troubleshoot issues.

Make it easier to add trading partners

  • Reduce the time required to contact partners, collect information and form partner agreements.
  • Populate information in related fields automatically.
  • Aid data and partner compliance efforts.

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A work flow guided environment helps the supplier comply with buyer requirements and alerts supplier to new orders, chargebacks, etc.

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Sterling Supplier Portal

Improve supplier compliance through near real-time performance management

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