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CIOs and IT Executives are being asked to “do more with less”. With a complex and poorly understood application portfolio at hand a large percentage of IT funds are consumed, it leaves these CIOs and IT Executives challenged to find the funds needed for creating real value in form of innovation and enabling new business opportunities. Organizations spend too much (up to 90%) of funds on maintaining and operating an expanding application portfolio.

Transformation of an existing application portfolio can reduce overall costs of ownership and, at the same time, directly align applications with business strategy—a win-win. In the light of this, IBM Rational’s® integrated solution for Application Portfolio Management (APM) addresses these challenges and more. It helps organizations to effectively govern and analyze the application portfolio and make objective and transparent decisions around these assets, including for example; terminating, investing, consolidating, modernizing, outsource, move to cloud, or include in your mobile or compliance strategy.

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Real Results

North American Bank improves efficiency by streamlining applications portfolio

CEZ reduces application portfolio by up to 20 percent, thus decreasing maintenance costs

Nationwide (YouTube, 00:04:02), with the help of IBM Rational solutions, is a more agile organization and able to respond faster and more effectively to change.


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Featured application portfolio management products

  • Rational Focal Point

    Rational Focal Point

    Objectively evaluate investment scenarios to align product, project, and application portfolio decisions with the overall business value.

  • Rational System Architect

    Rational System Architect

    Visualize, analyze, and communicate your enterprise architecture and business process analysis.

  • Rational Asset Analyzer

    Rational Asset Analyzer

    Comprehensive mainframe application discovery and analysis tool designed for business analysts and developers.

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From green screens to Dojo and beyond with HATS V8.0
HATS V8.0 delivers richer user interfaces and flexible web services options with support for Dojo and REST, support for the latest tooling and runtimes, including JSR286 portlets, plus the ability to extend HATS applications to iPad end-users. Come hear about these and other new, exciting enhancements.

What Enterprise Modernization means to your agency
Agencies of the US government are under a mandate to modernize, rationalize, simplify and reduce redundancy in their enterprise computing environments. This means that agencies must upgrade their data systems and their enterprise software while reducing costs. In many cases this means combining data centers, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, software and best practices with the long term goal of reducing the cost of government IT while making it more effective, responsive and efficient.


Reduce errors with continuous delivery
Over 30% of all defects in production applications are caused by poor configuration of hardware, middleware or software. Learn how IBM solutions such as Rational Team Concert and IBM SmartCloud Provisioning can help with continuous delivery of complex applications to the cloud. Steve Weaver and Daniel Berg, speakers.

Save money and trade your IBM i Green Screen development tools for modern IDE's
Become more productive and save development dollars with our new Application Development Toolset trade up program and the new Application Management Toolset. Learn what you need to know to get your modern tools NOW. Bill Smith, speaker.

Sandboxes are not just for kids!
Have you ever wondered how you can try IBM Rational products anytime, anyplace and anywhere at no cost? It's easy. Through hands-on participation, guided walk-thru and the use of live, running System z and Power Systems (IBM i, AIX, Linux) development scenarios and solutions, our Enterprise Modernization Sandboxes help you experience and evaluate IBM® Enterprise Modernization solutions for the System z™ and Power Systems™ platforms. Susan Yoskin, speaker.

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