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Truly effective mobile application development (MAD) delivers apps and content that stand on their own – and are not just warmed-over Web pages. Top mobile application developers write apps specifically to leverage the flexibility and features of mobile devices.

Mobile app development presents unique challenges: not just different operating systems and devices, but also display sizes and on device features. Getting your beautiful app to run flawlessly on all devices within the required schedule can be a major headache. Here are a few suggestions we hope will help.

What kind of mobile app?

Native, Web, or hybrid: There is no perfect answer: all have advantages and disadvantages, and your selection may limit your development tool options later.

Native apps: Write your app using the programming language and interface for a specific operating system and device. This may deliver best performance, but requires a different (costly) version for each OS.

Web apps: Most new devices use a Web browser to deliver mobile “look and feel.” This supports most devices, but often cannot access mobile device features, such as a camera or contact list.

Hybrid apps: A compromise between native and Web. You write in industry-standard Web programming languages, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, then package in a natively installable format for app store distribution. Save costs with code reuse.

  • IBM

    Native, web or hybrid mobile-app development

    The pros and cons of each approach, considering the impacts of budget, project timeframe, target audience, and app functionality.

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    A mobile application development primer

    A guide for enterprise teams working on mobile application projects.

Select your mobile application development platform

Integration: Software teams need a mobile application development platform to manage collaboratively through the product lifecycle, with linking of development artifacts.

Agile development: Short, multiple iterations can help keep you on track. Ideally you will have an integrated software versioning control system to automatically update the change set.

Update sharing: Change sets should be shared among team members before being fully integrated with the main code stream to ensure seamless matching.

Test your mobile app

Staggering complexity: Beyond the range of potentially supported mobile devices and release levels, performance can vary by carrier network and even connection quality.

Manual testing: Obvious, but expensive. You may have to buy all the mobile devices you plan to support and pay a team to tediously follow a script of instructions to test them all.

Simulators and emulation: Run a software program on a PC, rather than the actual mobile device.

Agent programs: Run an agent program on a device so the test script is automated. This offers the flexibility of using either real physical devices or emulators.

How IBM can help you with mobile app development

You're covered the whole way: You'll want an enterprise-class approach to mobile app development to build enterprise-grade apps. We bring you the powerful combination of a collaborative application lifecycle management platform, integrated with code development and test tools and a mobile application programming model — all specifically created for mobile application development.

What we offer

IBM MobileFirst Platform

Quickly develop, test and deploy high-quality mobile apps across multiple platforms.

IBM MobileFirst Development & Integration Services

Develop new mobile applications and integrate them with enterprise IT systems.

IBM Mobile Apps

Apps designed to help you get the most from your IBM solutions.

Learn the basics

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  • IBM

    Native, web or hybrid mobile-app development

    The pros and cons of each approach, considering the impacts of budget, project timeframe, target audience, and app functionality.

  • IBM

    A mobile application development primer

    A guide for enterprise teams working on mobile application projects.

Explore IBM solutions

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    Extend your business with HTML5, hybrid, and native apps that reach a variety of mobile devices.

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Compare and Decide

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    Improve your mobile application security with IBM Worklight

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IBM MobileFirst Platform Overview

IBM MobileFirst Platform

How you can develop, connect, manage and secure mobile apps with unmatched speed and agility.

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