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IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer enables enterprises to manage and control the critical information flows that run their dynamic business networks. Through seamless, reliable and secure data delivery you can improve business performance, reduce IT complexity, support growth and reduce your risk. 

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  • IBM® Sterling File Gateway

    An SOA based solution which allows you to incorporate your file transfer communities into all your business processes and incorporates Web-based interfaces for customer self-services and rapid onboarding.

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Features Managed File Transfer can provide

Issues MFT Can address:

  • Failed security audits - With the growth in data security breaches, and the increased amount of sensitive customer data traveling in files, security is a critical concern for all organizations.
  • Slow transfers - Digitization, globalization and outsourcing have all contributed to larger file sizes. As file sizes have ballooned, so has the time to transmit them between systems.
  • Lengthy onboarding - Across all industries, organizations are experiencing rapid growth in their trading partner networks. Companies are expanding their businesses, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, which compounds already slow onboarding timeframes.
  • "Where is my file?" - Where is the file? With industry error rates running at an average of eight percent, you probably get this question more than you want.
  • Regulatory compliance - Do you find yourself dealing with compensating controls, certifications, regulatory reporting, and security audits?

Capabilities MFT Provides:

  • Assured data movement - Depending on where you sit in your organization, the way you think about file transfer is probably different. If you sit in data transmissions, you might think of batch transfer, and define it as system-to-system automated transfer.
  • Centralized Control - This is further complicated by the fact that some transfers are tied to SLA transmission problems before you got the call from your internal or external customer.
  • Accelerated transport - If you are like most organizations this means some critical business processes are delayed waiting for the data to arrive.
  • Advanced security - While an important first step, transfer encryption does not address the protection of "data-at-rest" on the file transfer server.
  • Regulatory Audit - All of this comes at a time when acquisitions, outsourcing, and globalization are requiring even more data be sent outside the four walls.

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