Information lifecycle governance

Information economics strategy and solutions reduce information costs and legal risk.

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management. Read the latest report.Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management. Read the latest report.

Enterprise organizations today are facing a critical intersection of increasing data growth and declining data value; creating a ripple effect across the business, exposing the organization to increasing expense, as well as legal and compliance risk.

Featured solutions

  • Defensible Disposal

    Defensible Disposal

    Curb storage growth, dramatically lower IT and legal costs, and lower the organization's risk profile systemically.

  • eDiscovery


    Help legal departments strategically manage the eDiscovery process to reduce legal cost and risk.

  • Records and Retention

    Records and Retention

    Identify, classify and manage the defensible disposition of data according to retention schedules to reduce volume and mitigate cost and risk.

  • Value-based Archiving

    Value-based Archiving

    Help IT and the business coordinate archiving and storage of data based on its business value to reduce storage space and cost.

  • Legacy

    Legacy Data Cleanup

    Find, classify and remediate redundant, obsolete and trivial data to reduce storage risk and cost.

With IBM's Information Lifecycle Governance solutions, organizations can improve their information economics strategy, lower information cost and risk, and maximize data value. Benefiting all corporate stakeholders including IT, Legal, Records and the overall business, only IBM provides holistic information governance solutions for: Defensible Disposal, eDiscovery, Records and Retention, Value-based Archiving and Legacy Data Cleanup.

These solutions help customers manage enterprise information according to its business value. By approaching information governance as an economic solution to data growth, companies can increase the value of information assets while driving down cost and risk.

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IBM Information Lifecycle Governance solutions are supported by enterprise-class products that together are designed to address our customer’s information management challenges.

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Volume to Relevance: Think IBM for eDiscovery to streamline litigation response and reduce cost and risk (00:03:58)

Volume to Relevance:
Think IBM for eDiscovery to streamline litigation response and reduce cost and risk

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