Continuous release and deployment

Enable frequent application delivery at reduced cost and risk

What is continuous release and deployment?

Continuous release and deployment practices help organizations relieve bottlenecks for accelerated application delivery and help to decrease time to feedback. IBM® UrbanCode Release, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, and IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns solutions provide these capabilities, with the successful implementation of continuous release and deployment practices.

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Continuous release and deployment practices help to drive down costs and reduce waste by eliminating errors and rework with an accelerated time to market using automated, transparent, repeatable deployment processes.

Continuous release and deployment solutions:

IBM UrbanCode Deploy ROI Calculator

  • Discover the potential savings to be achieved through deployment automation.

How Insurer Improved Application Development Processes with UrbanCode

  • Straight from the trenches, see first-hand how Amica incorporated DevOps and best practices with significant results.

Featured Capabilities

  • Continuous testing

    Continuous testing

    Balance application quality and speed using simple virtualized test environments that can be quickly deployed, shared, and updated as systems change.

  • Collaborative development

    Collaborative development

    Integrates requirements management, quality management, change and configuration management and project planning and tracking into a common, unified platform.

How to achieve successful implementation of continuous release and deployment practices

Many organizations, including those that adopted agile development practices, struggle to deliver quality applications to production in the time required. DevOps, an enterprise capability for continuous software delivery, addresses this struggle and can help organizations respond more rapidly to market forces while still delivering high-quality applications.

IBM UrbanCode Release and Deploy solutions, part of a suite of IBM® DevOps offerings, present key features and capabilities to help organizations achieve continuous delivery of multiple, interdependent applications to complex environments such as cloud, mobile and mainframe.

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These solutions are designed to help organizations achieve the benefits of continuous release and deployment, including reduced risk, faster time to market and improved productivity.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Orchestrates and automates the deployment of applications, middleware configurations and database changes into development, test and production environments. This tool offers self-service functionality and can help teams to deploy either on demand or on a schedule.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns

Is a full-stack environment management and deployment solution that helps users to design, deploy, and update full-stack environments for multiple clouds. This solution can help you reduce errors and rework, automate manual processes, and improve productivity. In addition, it can help you to design and provision environments quickly with improved collaboration, lifecycle management and cloud portability.

IBM UrbanCode Release

Transforms error-prone and chaotic release planning into defined release events. Rather than spreadsheets, use this collaborative solution to help facilitate communication and support more frequent releases at lower risk.

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