Continuous release and deployment

Enable frequent application delivery at reduced cost and risk

Continuous release and deployment practices help organizations relieve bottlenecks for accelerated application delivery and help to decrease time to feedback. IBM® UrbanCode Release and IBM UrbanCode Deploy solutions provide these capabilities, with the successful implementation of continuous release and deployment practices.

Continuous release and deployment practices help to drive down costs and reduce waste by eliminating errors and rework with an accelerated time to market using automated, transparent, repeatable deployment processes.

Continuous release and deployment solutions:

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Featured release and deployment products

  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy

    IBM UrbanCode Deploy

    Automates the deployment of applications, databases and configurations into development, test and production environments.

  • IBM UrbanCode Release

    IBM UrbanCode Release

    An intelligent collaboration release management solution that replaces error-prone manual spreadsheets and streamlines release activities for application and infrastructure change

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