Architecture and design

  Smarter software delivery: From ‘design’ to ‘done’, faster.

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Turning software complexity into simplified designs

A focus on architecture and design can help organizations deliver on their business goals.

With help from IBM architecture and design solutions, you can better align products, systems, and IT with the business; deliver more quickly on changing business needs; and gain control over your evolving architecture.

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The Rational Eclipse-based and Jazz-enabled, integrated platform facilitates team collaboration, maintains requirements-to-code traceability, and jump starts development by simplifying the transition from architecture to code.

Rational architecture and design and development capabilities help:

Featured architecture and design products

  • Rational Software Architect family

    Rational Software Architect family

    A robust, scalable platform for solution architecture and software factories for corporate IT, SOA, and general development that supports Java™, JEE, C++, .NET, SCA, Web 2.0, and more.

  • Rational Rhapsody family

    Rational Rhapsody family

    A family of model driven development tools for systems and embedded software with C, C++, Java, and Ada

Architecture and design resources


The Agile Architect: transforming "back of the napkin design"


Design.Everywhere: Enable software and systems teams to make designs an essential part of their delivery lifecycle.


Grady Booch: Hype-free software development

ROI calculator

Use the software design and development ROI calculator to estimate expected savings and productivity enhancements.

White paper

Use a systems engineering trade study and Rational Rhapsody to support green initiatives

Developer resource kit

How-to guides, demos and implementation technology information: How to leverage them during the application development lifecycle

Find practical architecture and design resources


The Agile Architect: transforming "back of the napkin design"
Learn an alternate approach to modeling that can complement the existing design process without any requirement for drastic changes through Lightweight Modeling.

Collaborative design management powered by Jazz
Learn how Rational Collaborative Design Management can help you evolve your agile lifecycle to include design management for improved product quality and greater team collaboration.

Design matters! An exploration of real world service oriented architecture
Highlighting successes and lessons learned, presenters cover interpreting business needs, designing technically sound solutions, and ways to overcome enablement and skill challenges. This session also looks at the team perspective of getting everyone aligned, working together, and ensuring adherence to standards and best practices.

The Agile Architect — Agility rests on three legs: a resilient architecture, collaborative tooling and automated processes
This webcast examines the critical role of the software architect in an agile team and three key pillars relied upon to make agile work; namely a resilient architecture, collaborative tooling and automated processes. The relative importance of each pillar to the architect is explored in the context of the capabilities needed to make the architect an effective member of the development team.

Grady Booch: Hype-free software development
In this webcast, Grady Booch, IBM Fellow and one of the pioneers behind UML, will get down to the basics and cover the basic principles around software design, development, test, deployment, and operations.


IBM's Approach to Agile ALM

Matt Holitza Richard KnasterIn seeking out an agile tool, there are many choices. Take a few minutes to learn about IBM's approach to Agile ALM. The solution includes coaching, best practices and tooling that support a team's core agile need while also providing integrated best-in-class source code management and build automation. These integrated capabilities allow agile developers to focus on delivery great code by automating the busy work that slows them down. Matt Holitza and Richard Knaster, speakers.

The keys to extended team involvement in software and systems design

 Build consensus around design. Your team is bigger than you think! The extended team of subject matter experts is needed to provide insights and feedback on designs to make sure your solutions satisfy customer needs and deliver the expected quality.



Design.Everywhere.Enable software and systems teams to make designs an essential part of their delivery lifecycle.

White papers

Design Matters! Collaborate, automate, innovate and be agile
Design is more important than ever as software and systems increase in complexity; the ways users interface with such software and systems multiply, and software and systems become more distributed.

Rational systems
Use a systems engineering trade study and Rational Rhapsody to support green initiatives.

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