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  The Future of Testing: How Service Virtualization
Changes the Game in Testing Complex Applications
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Deliver enduring software quality from concept to launch to retirement

Quality management and testing solutions from Rational help organizations achieve consistency, efficiency and predictability with software quality that meets objectives and testing strategies that validate and verify applications for any platform and test type.

While success or failure often times depends on whose products or services are of the highest quality, lack of acceptable or poor software quality is blamed for more business problems than any other man-made product. According to Capers-Jones research, poor software quality has become one of the most expensive topics in human history – over $500 billion USD per year worldwide*.

Info-Tech Research Group, Vendor landscape: Software testing solutions. Chapion: IBM offers the strongest testing product in this landscape. Dowload the report

We help overcome the challenges of delivering enduring software quality with quality management and testing solutions that transform the way organizations produce, validate and deliver software—from concept to launch to retirement. Our collaborative, integrated and optimized approach to managing software quality helps make quality management and testing activities a shared responsibility—not siloed and disconnected so you can better manage your existing resources, overcome schedule constraints, and increase your team productivity.

The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Rational Service Virtualization and Test Automation solutions. A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Prepared For IBM. Learn how service virtualization is significantly reducing the cost of testing. Download the Study.

Our test automation capabilities enable agile software delivery and eliminate testing bottlenecks for customers challenged by the increasing cost of quality associated with developing and maintaining composite applications with integrations across traditional and more modern technologies (mainframe, distributed, cloud, etc).

When combined with Rational’s industry-leading Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution, our quality management and testing solutions provide unique capabilities to help organizations ensure the functionality, usability, reliability and performance of delivered products and services exceed their customers' expectations. Cut the risk and cost of product and service delivery while improving software quality.

IBM Rational Quality Manager. Quality Everywhere. Learn how to balance quality and speed in your organization! Watch.

Evaluate. Rational Quality Manager. Quality management. Manual testing. Continous improvement. Learn more

Featured quality management and testing products

  • Rational Test Workbench

    Rational Test Workbench

    Test automation for complex and highly integrated applications delivering end-to-end functional, regression, load, and integration testing

  • Rational Performance Test Server

    Rational Performance Test Server

    Application and integration level load generation delivering a complete view of performance and scalability across all application components

  • Rational Test Virtualization Server

    Rational Test Virtualization Server

    Model and simulate real system behavior to eliminate application test dependencies and reduce the setup and infrastructure costs of traditional testing environments

  • Rational Quality Manager

    Rational Quality Manager

    Optimize quality across the lifecycle from requirements, to build, to test and defect management.

Find practical quality management and testing resources


Forrester’s Insights on the ROI of Service Virtualization

DiegoGary Forrester Research examined the total economic impact and potential ROI enterprises may realize from deploying service virtualization and test automation solutions.

Delivering high quality applications in WebSphere environments through service virtualization

Sreenivasan Rajagopal. Many leading companies on the WebSphere middleware platform are turning to service virtualization as a way to address application complexity in order to maximize quality, reduce risk, and speed their time to market. Join this session to hear how industry leaders are employing service virtualization as an essential part of their quality management strategy.

Is today's accelerated development capability contributing to an increased level of quality?

Lisa Barclay. This webcast explores the latest techniques available to developers as part of an agile team, integrating testing into development efforts seamlessly, leveraging automation and virtualization to build quality in and validate software right from the start.

Taming the beast: Essential strategies for testing complex applications

Peter Klenk.Mark Rayce. Join IBM Green Hat and partner SMS to discuss specific examples of how leading companies are accelerating software delivery and reducing cost and risk through test automation and service virtualization.

Moving application quality from good to great: Achieving competitive advantage through exceptional testing practices

Kimberly Madia.Sreenivasan Rajagopal. In this webcast, you’ll learn how test virtualization and test data management provide a powerful combination that accelerates iterative testing cycles by simulating dependent services and enabling the use of right-sized test databases to effectively protect confidential data.

Boosting software quality and development agility

Peter Cole. The increasing cost of quality and development complexity while balancing quality and speed has become extremely challenging for software projects. Virtualization enables continuous integration testing of complex heterogeneous environments much earlier in the development cycle. Attend this webcast to learn more on what is available to help.

Is early performance testing really valuable AND viable?

Scott Barber. Join Scott Barber, Thought Leader, as he shares his thoughts on how organizations can improve their performance abilities during this IBM sponsored Webinar. Learn how to maximize your performance testing dollars and measure the capacity and stability of your applications pre-deployment and before your customers switch to your competitors.

Measuring software quality: Why your metrics don't make the grade

Capers Jones. Learn how you can update and enhance your quality measures to ensure your software meets quality standards and delights your customers.

Putting the “integration testing” into continuous integration with IBM Rational quality management and testing solutions

Monica Luke. Learn how to to make your "continuous integration build" into a full blown integration validation. Figure out how to really manage quality by optimizing efficiency versus fidelity trade-off. See a working demo of how you can do this using Rational tools.

The right reports for planning, testing, recording and managing a test effort

Peter Haumer. A deep dive into reporting for test management. Learn about reporting from running readily available reports and dashboards directly from IBM Rational Quality Manager to scaling with IBM Cognos.


IBM's Approach to Agile ALM

Matt Holitza Richard KnasterIn seeking out an agile tool, there are many choices. Take a few minutes to learn about IBM's approach to Agile ALM. The solution includes coaching, best practices and tooling that support a team's core agile need while also providing integrated best-in-class source code management and build automation. These integrated capabilities allow agile developers to focus on delivery great code by automating the busy work that slows them down. Matt Holitza and Richard Knaster, speakers.

Cut the cost and complexity of testing mobile applications, not quality

Leigh Williamson.Leigh Williamson shares the ways an effective mobile application testing strategy that balances the use of multiple forms of integrated test execution capabilities can help deliver better quality results.

Go virtual when you want to test the integration of SAP with dependent systems

JameshunterJoin this podcast to know how the virtualization of integrating SAP with dependant systems can help reduce the cost, time and efforts of SAP deployment before actually implementing that change.

Virtualization — an essential component in a comprehensive testing framework

Allan WagnerVirtualization as part of a comprehensive testing framework can help speed software delivery reducing risk, rework and the cost and effort of delivering test environments to improve the quality, visibility and predictability of project outcomes.


IBM Service Virtualization - Accelerating software delivery for complex applications

Watch the videoHear Gary Thornhill, Delivery Director - Sandhata Technologies, share how IBM Service Virtualization enables continuous testing, reduces project risk, and accelerates the continuous delivery of high quality software.

Continuous integration and test virtualization in a mainframe world

Watch the videoBy automating the building and testing of z/OS application code in isolated environments using virtualized services, the IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z helps significantly improve software quality while reducing delivery time and costs.

Service Virtualization - increasing team velocity and delivering higher quality software

Watch the videoWatch this video and hear how service virtualization is helping teams deliver higher quality applications, with a lower cost of quality, at the speed of the business by reducing testing bottlenecks.

How IBM Rational's test automation solution helps our customers

Watch the videoWatch this video to hear how IBM Testing services is using the new IBM test automation technology to deliver value and help their clients decrease time to market and improve quality levels in released software to increase customer satisfaction.

Removing test bottlenecks and automating testing that matters in Agile development

Watch the videoService virtualization enables Agile teams to begin testing without delay. Watch this video to hear more on service virtualization, continuous integration testing and how it helps Agile teams get to Done faster, accelerating software delivery.

Case studies

Saga Travel gains productivity with IBM Rational software

Saga Travel finds faster delivery and more efficient development and testing with IBM Rational Functional Tester. IBM Rational Functional Tester provides an easy way to create and manage functional tests. The ability to automate repetitive tasks saves time for both the IT team and other parts of the business.

Load testing SAP ABAP Web Dynpro applications with IBM Rational Performance Tester

This technical solution briefly describes how the SAP CoE / Value Prototyping successfully leveraged IBM Rational Performance Tester 8.0 to test an ABAP Web Dynpro application before it went into production.

A royalty accounting company speeds agile development

IBM Rational software helps accelerate multi-platform development and support an SOA. A royalty accounting company works with IBM Software Services for Rational and IBM Business Partner Prolifics to implement a collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) platform based on a suite of IBM software, gaining visibility and improving software quality.

An insurance company reduces defect cycle times by 65 percent

A comprehensive IBM application lifecycle management platform transforms the delivery lifecycle. An insurance company implements a comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) platform based on a suite of IBM Rational software, enabling it to reduce by 65 percent the defect cycle time and the rate at which teams are ready to retest defects.

Itaú BBA achieves massive time savings with IBM Rational software

An ALM solution cuts the amount of time required for development, build and deployment. The bank implemented a comprehensive ALM solution using IBM Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational Team Concert software running on the IBM Jazz platform.

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Achieve competitive advantage through Continuous Testing

Swati MoranSwati Moran
IBM InfoSphere Optim

Al WagnerAl Wagner
IBM Rational

Join IBM to explore today’s testing challenges and hear how to remove testing bottlenecks using solutions to help teams test earlier, more often, and for less.
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Where Has All the Tester’s Time Gone?

Michael Bolton.Michael Bolton, DevelopSense

Michael Bolton offers some quick, low-fuss ideas on tracking and accounting for testing time, which in turn can help to shed light on the state of the product and the project.
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Measuring Software Quality: Why Your Metrics Don't Make the Grade

Capers Jones photo.Capers Jones, CTO and VP, Namcook Analytics LLC

Learn how you can update and enhance your quality measures to ensure your software meets quality standards and delights your customers.
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Is Early Performance Testing Really Valuable AND Viable?

Scott Barber.Scott Barber, Founder and Chief Technologist of PerfTestPlus

Learn how to maximize your performance testing dollars and measure the capacity and stability of your applications pre-deployment and before your customers switch to your competitors.
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Service Virtualization For Dummies
IBM Limited Edition

IBM Service Virtualization DummiesLearn how to test earlier, more often, and for less.
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Service Virtualization

Removing testing dependencies to accelerate software delivery
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