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IBM Rational for portfolio, demand and delivery management helps companies reduce waste and increase business value by managing the end-to-end lifecycle. In the business climate today, organizations need to secure that they do the right things and focus on activities where they will gain the most value, within the boundaries of organizational strategy and business objectives.

As part of the Rational DevOps, Plan and Measure capabilities, organizations secure better alignment of investment decisions with organizational strategies and priorities through facilitation of an effective dialog between business and IT. Organizations also gain improved efficiency in the governance of portfolio rationalization efforts, leading to optimized allocation of capital and resources with reduced time to decisions.

You will be able to capture voice of the customer, ideas, requirements, projects and more and then bring this forward in the process in order to prioritize, evaluate, compare, visualize and plan for optimized portfolios supporting business needs.

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Real Results

FOI Defence Research Agency rapidly increases the quality and quantity of their research initiatives.

Laminar Medica reduced new product development time and associated costs by more than 25 percent. The company anticipates that it will achieve a complete ROI in less than 12 months.

Chubb Insurance(Youtube, 00:02:10) is able to simplify compliance by embedding it into their everyday business processes - providing the close control and detailed insight that regulators increasingly demand.


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Evaluate: IBM Rational Focal Point:

This comprehensive solution helps you prioritize and select the right investments, balance change with business demands and align resources to deliver the right products at the right time. Now your executives and teams can make decisions that deliver greater value to your customers and your business. Evaluate now.

Featured delivery and performance management products

  • Rational Focal Point

    Rational Focal Point

    Provides market and business-driven product and portfolio management, empowering the right decisions to deliver business, customer, and market value.

  • Rational Team Concert

    Rational Team Concert

    Rational Team Concert Contributor provides collaborative change management capability integrating work item management, agile and formal planning, project reporting and process workflow.

  • Rational Insight

    Rational Insight

    Measure, monitor, analyze, and trend project and process performance to make the best decisions for your business and for continual process improvements.

  • Rational Publishing Engine

    Rational Publishing Engine

    Automate document generation from disparate applications with a document generation solution with built-in extractors.

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Portfolio demand and delivery management resources


Agile product management
Agile is all over now. It started as something engineering-driven, and strategic and front-end tasks was left on the side. Development and engineering became more effective and are bringing things to market faster and with higher quality. But activities without anchoring in organizational strategy or prioritized backlogs have little or no value. It’s of major relevance to connect agile to product management.

DevOps and the cloud: Achieving agility across the software delivery lifecycle
Join this webcast to learn how Collaborative DevOps solutions from IBM can help turn your delivery pipeline into an agile, automated workflow.

Competitive intelligence — a strategic business driver

Hear how smart software can help organizations gain new perspectives on their business, the competition, and the marketplace in order to leverage competitive advantage, provide strategic insight and drive profitable growth.

Dealing with increasing challenges of software development outsourcing/off-shoring

This webcast will discuss the challenges of near-shoring, outsourcing and off-shoring part or your entire software development lifecycle and illustrate proven techniques to gain a competitive edge while mitigating associated risks.

The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Rational Integrated Solution for Application Portfolio Management

Understand how to improve transparency and cost efficiency within Application Portfolio Management (APM), IBM, along with our guest Forrester Consulting, are presenting a special webcast.


The software edge: How effective software development drives competitive advantage

This new survey finds that effective software development enables organizations to seize new business opportunities. For businesses to succeed, the study recommends concrete steps that companies can implement to achieve accelerated software delivery.

3 ways to simplify your IT with Application Portfolio Management

Too often, a complex and poorly understood application portfolio consumes a large percentage of IT funds, leaving IT leaders challenged to find the funds needed for business innovation. Johan Hedstrom, speaker.

Generate business value with Portfolio Strategy and Management

Reduce waste and increase business value by helping customers make more informed investment and delivery choices. By providing the ability to rigorously assess the value of new investments, deployed applications and delivery projects, customers can ensure that they obtain the greatest return from their organization's resources. Listen to how IBM's business partner Decision Focus have helped organizations overcome some of their biggest challenges and how this has lead to that organizations could reach true business value. Jon Tollerup, speaker


Chubb Insurance simplifies compliance with FSA regulations

Watch the VideoLearn how Chubb Insurance is able to simplify compliance by embedding it into their everyday business processes - providing the close control and detailed insight that regulators increasingly demand.

IBM Rational solutions for reporting automation

Watch the VideoIn Software and Systems development, you need to know where you are and where you are heading in your development cycle in order to take the right actions to keep your project on track. Rational reporting solutions provide the features your engineers need to quickly and efficiently get their jobs done.

Case studies

Case study: Laminar Medica

The company implemented a product and portfolio management solution that combines market data, analyst reports, trade publications, customer records and more. The solution enables Laminar Medica to run complex analytical scenarios that simulate the impact of product decisions and benchmark competitive products with its own.

FEI lays a foundation for application lifecycle management and savings

Migrating a multi-site configuration management landscape to IBM Rational Team Concert. With help from IBM and Alten PTS, FEI migrated configuration data from IBM Rational ClearCase into IBM Rational Team Concert. Developers across three countries can now manage millions of lines of code with a single solution.

CloudOne Corporation brings IBM Rational software to the clouds

Offering quality software development tools under a pay-per-use model. The organization's customers are now able to access Rational software under a monthly license, operating the applications from a virtualized cloud environment to support flexible development.

Constellation Software Engineering, Corp. makes lunar exploration easier

Constellation Software Engineering uses a customized implementation of IBM Rational DOORS software along with IBM Rational Publishing Engine software to deliver an automated reporting solution that documents key project statistics.

White papers

Five tips for improving the ROI of your software investments

Effective execution of a software project is just as critical as the selection of the investment itself in achieving value to the business. This requires accurate, timely and actionable information to properly evaluate and measure the performance of a project—determining project success or failure.

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