What is IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager?

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager is a scalable, cloud-based streaming platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand video to an external audience. Managed from a dashboard by account administrators, the service supports both ease-of-use and complex setups. It can be combined with a marketing module as well to gate valuable video assets behind a registration form.

Benefits of Streaming Manager

  • Scale with peace of mind: Deliver video with enhanced geographic reach and reliability through a software-defined content delivery network (SD-CDN) that leverages a built-in back-up process and intelligent traffic management.
  • Deliver to any device, anywhere: IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager automatically transcodes live content in the cloud for delivery to virtually any device, with adaptive bit-rate support for a range of connection speeds. And it includes support for website and social network embedding.
  • Track and measure in real time: Track viewership in real time with insights based on geographic location and device while monitoring stream performance. Download full reports that offer individualized tracking for registered viewers.


  • Webcasting
  • Registration form
  • Cloud transcoding
  • Analytics
  • Social playback
  • Password protection
  • Administration panel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Content management
  • Auto archiving

The case for IBM Cloud Video

You can have tens of thousands of people, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people watching a class together and having the same experience at the same time, and that's scalability

Ryan Vance, VP of Content at CreativeLive

With so many new viewers we were able to get a lot more data than initially anticipated.

Michael Gailing, Director of Marketing at Teradek

Case study

Find out why market leader Teradek chose Streaming Manager to help them boost NAB broadcast views and share content.

White paper

Do you have a sound strategy in place to handle the coming video boom? Learn about the current state of CDNs and the issues facing vendors, content producers, and customers.


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