Tools to address the challenges of the entire analytic life cycle

The IBM SPSS Statistics Professional Edition goes beyond the core statistical capabilities offered in the Standard Edition to address issues of data quality, data complexity, automation and forecasting. It is designed for users who perform many types of in-depth and non-standard analyses and who need to save time by automating data preparation tasks.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Professional edition includes the following key capabilities:

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A redesigned landing page makes it easy to find the SPSS Statistics features you need quickly.

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Style Output UI

Use conditional formatting to highlight cell background and text within tables based on the cell value.

Style Output UI

Style Output

Draw attention to specific results by applying attributes such as color to individual table cells or rows.

Style Output

Web Report

View interactive SPSS Statistics reports via your web browser from smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Android devices.

Web Report

Heat Map

Monte Carlo simulation enables you to generate heat maps automatically when displaying scatterplots in which the target, the input or both are categorical.

Heat Map

Linear models

Nonlinear models

Simulation capabilities

Customized tables

Data preparation

Data validity and missing values

Decision trees


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Tools to address the challenges of the entire analytic life cycle

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IBM SPSS Statistics Professional enables users to view analytical results on their smart devices for data-driven decision making wherever they happen to be. The latest release also provides additional simulation modeling techniques to improve modeling and risk analysis, and numerous enhancements to strengthen overall performance. SPSS Statistics Professional now offers:

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Easily consumable analytical output

More powerful simulation modeling

Specialized techniques to improve overall performance

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IBM SPSS Statistics for Linux on System z

Get IBM® SPSS® Statistics for Linux on System z to access, manage and analyze high volumes of data. This version combines the advanced analytical power of SPSS Statistics with the security, availability and stability of the System z platform, enabling your organization to make accurate decisions faster and deploy them throughout the enterprise.


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