Analyze your data with custom tables created in less time

IBM® SPSS® Custom Tables makes it easy to summarize IBM SPSS Statistics data in different styles for different audiences. It combines analytical capabilities to help you learn from your data with features that allow you to build tables people can easily read and interpret.

This software is useful for anyone who creates and updates reports on a regular basis, especially those who work in survey or market research, the social sciences, database or direct marketing and institutional research.

SPSS Custom Tables includes capabilities to help you:

Drag-and-drop table building

The SPSS Custom Tables intuitive graphical user interface takes the guesswork out of building tables. Its drag-and drop capabilities and preview pane enable you to see what your tables will look like before you click “OK.”

Drag-and-drop table building

Customizable table formats

SPSS Custom Tables provides a range of options to control the appearance of your table, including the ability to add titles and captions, specify column width and sort and hide categories.

Table appearance

Multiple summary statistics

Add a variety of statistics to the individual table cells—from simple counts for categorical variables to measures of dispersion—and sort categories by any statistic used.

Custom Tables

Graphical user interface

The intuitive interface makes it easy to build even complex tables, including nesting and stacking tables.

Graphical user interface

SPSS Custom Tables Screenshots

Get in-depth analyses

Preview tables as you build them

Customize table layout and appearance

Make results easily available

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Analyze your data with custom tables created in less time

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