Simplify data protection for virtual environments

IBM® Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments (formerly IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager for Virtual Environments) protects VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. It enables you to safeguard the massive amounts of information that virtual machines generate.

IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments safely moves backup workloads to a centralized IBM Spectrum Protect server and enables administrators to create backup policies or restore virtual machines with just a few clicks. It allows you to protect data without a traditional backup window.

IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments:

Improves efficiency with deduplication, incremental “forever” backup

Simplifies backups and restores for VMware

Integrates with VMware snapshots and OpenStack clouds

Flexible recovery and copy options from image-level backups

Eliminates overhead with optimized virtual machine backup

Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments

IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments works with IBM Spectrum Protect backup servers and IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot to enable optimized backup and recovery for data hosted on virtual machines and the underlying physical server infrastructure.

Advantages of IBM data protection for virtual machines
Auto-discovery of new virtual machinesHelps ensure that all data in the virtualized environment is protected
Self-service restore portalEnables data, server and application owners to easily recover their data
Item-level recoveryEnables fast recovery of individual files, Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, emails, and Microsoft SQL Server databases
Application-consistent backup and recoveryHelps ensure complete application backups and simplifies restore processes
Copy managementEnables a single virtual-machine snapshot to be used for data recovery, testing, development, etc.
Integration with hardware snapshotsEnables faster snapshots with less impact on application performance
Incremental “forever” backupsReduces the need for extra backup system capacity
Data deduplicationEnables high-performance space reduction on the virtual machine or backup server
Non-disruptive, single-pass backupsHelp increase application performance during backups
Agentless supportHelps simplify deployment
Tape supportHelps reduce costs for long-term storage
Instant access/instant restoreHelps reduce the user impact during virtual machine restores
Single-pass, full datastore recoveryProvides near-instant recovery of an entire datastore, including all virtual machines*
* Near-instant recovery for virtual machines is enabled by IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments; near-instant recovery for Windows desktops and laptops is enabled by IBM Spectrum Protect for Workstations.
IBM integration with VMware tools and APIs
VMware vSphere web client supportAllows VMware administrators to easily perform data protection and recovery operations, powered by Spectrum Protect, and launched within the familiar vSphere interface
VMware vCenter integrationEnables VMware administrators to easily configure, schedule, and monitor backups and snapshots
VMware vStorage API supportHelps reduce compute, storage and network overhead

IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments is part of IBM Spectrum Protect Suite and IBM Spectrum Protect Entry solutions.

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