IBM® Spectrum Protect, formerly Tivoli® Storage Manager, is a data protection platform that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration for backup and recovery.

It enables reliable, cost effective backups and fast recovery for virtual, physical and cloud environments of all sizes.

Spend less on data protection and more on innovation

Manage and protect data with confidence

Deploy flexible solutions in any size organization

Learn more about how to spend less time and money on backups with IBM Spectrum Protect.

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IBM Spectrum Protect resources

IBM Spectrum Protect features a scalable architecture and modular design that helps organizations of all sizes meet their data protection requirements with more efficiency and confidence.


Flexible deployment options
Spectrum Protect is available in a range of configuration options – including solution bundles, appliances and cloud services.


Solution bundles:


Spectrum Protect on the cloud:


Application-aware and virtual machine optimized

IBM application-aware agents for mobile devices, virtual environments and core business applications can be added to Spectrum Protect to significantly reduce backup and recovery time and complexity.


Premium IBM components and patented IBM technology

Spectrum Protect uses premium IBM components and patented IBM technology not found in other backup and recovery software.

Examples include:

Spectrum Protect offers optional third party software that can be ordered directly from IBM for additional convenience.

Snapshot management for non-IBM storage

Rocket Device Adapter Pack for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

The Rocket Device Adapter Pack is a set of adapters which allow IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot to take snapshots of competitive storage devices on additional Unix and Linux platforms. (Storage devices on Windows platforms are supported by FlashCopy Manager through VSS provider). The Rocket Device Adapter Pack enables support for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot snapshot-based backup, restore and cloning functions for EMC and Hitachi storage devices.

Enterprise reporting

Rocket Servergraph Professional

Rocket Servergraph is an enterprise-class, web-based solution that lets you address and control your entire multi-vendor backup environment. It offers a clear, centralized interface that helps storage managers, backup administrators and backup operations teams get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. The solution does this by providing real-time information about multi-vendor backup environments with reports, alerts and monitoring functionality.

Bare machine recovery and recovery simulators

In the event of a server failure, bare machine recovery is designed to restore the operating system and applications. Recovery can be to the original or to new dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine. Recovery simulators provide confidence that critical system backups will recover reliably.

Recovery Simulator for TBMR

Recovery Simulator for TBMR, from Cristie Software, tests whether a machine can be successfully recovered from backups created by Cristie TBMR and Spectrum Protect.

Recovery Simulator for IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments

Recovery Simulator for IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments, from Cristie Software, tests whether a machine can be successfully recovered from backups created by Cristie TBMR and Spectrum Protect (IBM Spectrum Protect) for Virtual Environments.

Cristie TBMR - bare machine recovery for IBM Spectrum Protect

Bare machine recovery software for IBM Spectrum Protect is specifically for Spectrum Protect. TBMR provides rapid recovery directly from IBM Spectrum Protect and without having to perform any other backup of the operating system files.

Cristie Bare Machine Recovery (CBMR)

Cristie standalone bare machine recovery software provides an ideal solution for enabling bare machine recovery at branch offices and small data centers that are not connected to Spectrum Protect.

Server cloning


CloneManager™ from Cristie Software can proactively clone machines to other resources – physical, virtual or cloud.


CloneSync from Cristie Software can maintain a stand-by at another location without having to repeat a full CloneManager process.

Microsoft® SharePoint® backup

DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft® SharePoint® Backup

DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft SharePoint enables application-aware, SLA-driven data protection for SharePoint environments.

The capabilities include:

The latest release of IBM Spectrum Protect improves usability, cloud integration and scalability.

Version 7.1.3 enhancements

Dedupe Storage Pools

Cloud Storage Pools

Usability Improvements

Version 7.1.2 enhancements

Version 7.1.1 enhancements


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