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IBM® Cúram Solution for Social Assistance supports a range of social programs that assist eligible individuals and their families during economic hardship. This assistance includes cash payment programs, tax credits, food assistance, housing subsidies, utility subsidies, child care, medical care and other programs. Cúram Solution for Social Assistance helps caseworkers screen eligible program participants to identify optimal programs for their needs; determine benefit entitlement and eligibility; make payments; and manage ongoing changes in circumstances that may affect entitlement.

Cúram Solution for Social Assistance features include:

Citizen-centric service delivery

Modern caseworker experience

Integrated eligibility and entitlement and payment management systems

Outcome management for long-term self-sufficiency

A configurable design based on service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Product editions:

Cúram Appeals: An automated solution that provides comprehensive support for the appeals and fair hearings process.
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Cúram Evidence Broker: Offers a flexible approach for evidence sharing across social programs.
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Cúram Income Support: Offers eligibility determination and benefit calculation for social programs that provide food, cash and medical assistance to families in need.
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Cúram Income Support for Medical Assistance: Enables organizations to more effectively manage eligibility and entitlement services for medical assistance.
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Cúram Life Event Management: Enables caseworkers and citizens to update citizen profiles when certain life events occur.
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Cúram Provider Management: Social program management software that helps organizations to manage providers holistically, resulting in improved service delivery, enhanced efficiency and sustainable outcomes for the citizens they serve.
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Cúram Universal Access: Enables governments to provide citizens with a single point of access to all social programs and services for which they are eligible.
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Cúram Verification Engine: Streamlines the process of verifying evidence used in determining eligibility and entitlement as part of program delivery.
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