Orchestrate the development, deployment and management of enterprise clouds

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IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides an open and extensible cloud management platform for managing heterogeneous hybrid environments. The software integrates provisioning, metering, usage and accounting as well as monitoring and capacity management of cloud services. IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides the following features and benefits:

Built on open standards

Supports deployments on public clouds such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, allowing the implementation of a hybrid cloud model.

Standardization and automation of cloud services

Reusable workload patterns

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator resources

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IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator

Orchestrate the development, deployment and management of enterprise clouds

IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year.

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IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator - Version 2.3

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides unified management of heterogeneous environments. It provides common cloud services for compute, network and storage while supporting multiple hypervisors and multi-vendor platforms.

SmartCloud Orchestrator creates reliance on a single pane of glass to design and deploy services, monitor capacity and performance, control updates and migrations and recover unused resources as needed can help make IT staff more efficient. It also provides self-service functionality that can help IT deliver resources to end users more quickly and consistently.

The product includes manage-from support on KVM and VMWare virtual machines and manage-to support on KVM, VMWare and Power hypervisors. Various host and guest operating systems are supported as well.

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