Automate requesting, deployment, monitoring and management of cloud computing services

IBM Tivoli® Service Automation Manager enables users to request, deploy, monitor and manage cloud computing services. It also provides traceable approvals and processes..

NetApp Storage Extension
NetApp Storage Extension provides service offerings to provision and manage the entire life cycle (StaaS - Storage as a Service) of shared storage accessible through NAS protocols from virtual machines provisioned within a TSAM Project with VMWare Servers. With this extension

- Provision and manage shared storage Network Attached Storage (NAS).

- Use and manage file systems with VMWare virtual machines once the shared storage is provisioned.

Costing Preview Extension
Understand financial implications and manage your cloud services and cloud enable data centers in a cost effective way with the Costing Preview Extension. The extension offers the following Cloud Cost Management capabilities:

- Compare different options by seeing the Prices for the different Cloud offerings.

- Track cost per month to run a new project in the Cloud.

- Assign different customers to different subscriptions.

- Define Offerings once and add them to Subscriptions

Network Extension for Juniper

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