Measurement and management improves project and process performance

IBM® Rational® Insight is a performance measurement and management solution to help improve projects and processes. Rational Insight delivers measurement best practices that help you speed time to market, improve quality, and take greater control of software and systems development. It provides objective dashboards and measures for transparency and control of risks, status and trends.

Rational Insight provides:

Support for data-based decision making

Role-based information

Cross-boundary visibility

Best practices

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Measurement and management improves project and process performance

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System requirements
Operating systemSoftwareHardware
Microsoft® Windows® and Linux Client:


Web browsers:

Database servers:

Application Servers:

More memory generally improves performance; required memory depends upon the number of concurrent users, the amount of data being requested, and database size.

Optimum swap space is double the physical memory.

Display monitor with at least 1024 x 768 color resolution using 256 colors is optimal.

Operation systems:

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