IBM® IMS™ Recovery Expert is a storage-aware backup and recovery solution, integrating storage processor fast-replication facilities with backup and recovery operations.

IMS Recovery Expert allows instantaneous backups with no application downtime, reduced recovery time, and simplified disaster recovery procedures while using less CPU, I/O, and storage resources. IMS Recovery Expert validates backups to ensure that all data has a backup and that it is recoverable.

IMS Recovery Expert has integrated Intelligent Recovery and Disaster Recovery Managers that analyze recovery assets and establish optimal recovery procedures to minimize recovery time and recovery point objectives. Recovery jobs are tailored specifically to available backup and hardware resources.

Intelligent Recovery Manager

Intelligent Disaster Recovery Manager

IMS Recovery Expert supports IBM®, EMC, and Hitachi Data Systems fast-replication services.
Program Number: 5655-S98
Operating systems supported: z/OS

IMS Recovery Expert for z/OS resources

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