Standards-based, model-driven development solution for complex systems

IBM® Rational® Tau is a Unified Markup Language 2.1 (UML 2.1)-based, model-driven development environment for complex systems and software. It supports standards-based information systems and enterprise IT applications including model-driven service-oriented architecture (SOA) development. It helps improve development of critical distributed applications such as internal supply chain systems, customer-facing support networks and real-time, net-centric operations.

Rational Tau:

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Standards-based, model-driven development solution for complex systems

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System requirements
Operating systemSoftwareHardware
Linux, UNIX, Windows • Windows XP

• Sun Solaris

• Redhat Enterprise Linux

• Citrix XPe


• Java SDK (versions 1.4, 5, 6)

• Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C++/C#

• gnu gcc

• Sun Studio C/C++


• Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

• Eclipse


• J2EE

• Java EE 5

• J2SE

• Java SE 5

• Java SE 6
450MB disk space minimum

256MB RAM minimum

2048MB RAM recommended

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