Accelerate innovation of global software development on a unified platform

IBM® Rational® Synergy is a task-based, software configuration management (SCM) solution that brings together global, distributed development teams on a unified platform. Rational Synergy provides capabilities that help software and systems development teams work and collaborate faster and easier.

Rational Synergy software helps software delivery teams manage the complexity of global collaboration and boosts overall productivity.

Unifies global, distributed teams

Automates processes and tasks

Provides advanced baseline and release management capabilities

Helps support software reuse and component-based development

Delivers a highly scalable platform

Rational Synergy resources

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

For your convenience, the tabs below identify the supported releases of Rational Synergy from which you can select detailed system requirement reports for different contexts (by Operating System, by component). Note that clicking a link will always generate a new, up-to-date report.

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7.2.1 Release

7.2 Release

IBM® Rational® Synergy V7.2.1 represents the next generation of task-based, software configuration management (SCM). The new capabilities available in this version help software and systems development teams deliver output faster and easier.

Rational Synergy V7.2.1 provides:

Performance improvements

Improved administration & platform currency

Usability and Serviceability improvements

Broader Ecosystem

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