Modernizes pattern-driven programming for Pacbase applications

IBM® Rational® Programming Patterns is an integrated environment for developing and maintaining Pacbase applications within z Systems Software delivery platforms. This solution provides functionality adapted to the Pacbase pattern-driven development paradigm for VisualAge Pacbase applications. Rational Programming Patterns features data description patterns, programming patterns for traditional applications, macro-structure patterns and COBOL micro-patterns.

Rational Programming Patterns:

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Accelerates a secure transition to the Rational Software Delivery Platform

IBM® Rational® Programming Patterns leverages Pacbase customer’s investment by modernizing the pattern driven development paradigm and the Enterprise Wide Repository services within the latest IBM strategic delivery platform. It provides the tools to migrate at lower cost, by limiting the non-regression tests and the retraining of the Pacbase developers.

IBM Rational Programming Patterns V9.6 intends to accelerate and help for a secure and exhaustive transition to the Rational Software Delivery Platform.

Rational Programming Patterns V9.6 provides:

Migration and import enhancement

  • New option in the automatic migration command removes unwanted COBOL files for a multi-session or progressive migration.
  • Filter on imported Libraries to migrate Libraries networks.

Design Editors Enhancements

  • Instance labels displayed by default in the selection wizards that are opened with the Add buttons.
  • Enhanced Data Element display in Reports.
  • DSQC1 option can be selected in Copybooks to generate the description of Segments in an SQL format.
  • New Generation tab in the Library editor to specify a project and folder for all the generation products of the Library.
  • Alphabetical sort of Macros in -CP Lines.
  • Width of the Description column in the -G Lines limited to 60 characters.
  • Enhanced User Entity with the description number and label in the Overview tab.
  • Screen address of elements (equivalent to –ADR in Pacbase).
  • Duplication of Communication Monitors and Folders.
  • Renaming of Client/Server entities.
  • Removal of the Package field from the creation wizards in the Pacbase facet.

PDP UI & Wizards Enhancements

  • Enhanced Generated Code Structure view with a new column for the IT conditions and tooltips.
  • New MCI micropattern.
  • New snippet for the insertion of the EVALUATE statement.
  • New default color and font preferences for the PDP COBOL editor and the Generated Code Structure view.

Search & Cross-references features enhancements

  • Free references with content assist in Folder Composition for the target instance.
  • Enhanced Macro cross-references view (filter, tooltip, Comment column, view menu, contextual menu of calling instances, and specification of a linked instance).

Macro-structures enhancements

  • New contextual menu in the Macro Code Structure view to create, update or delete a function or subfunction.
  • CASE OF Refactoring to EVALUATE choice in the Function and subfunction actions menu of the Generated Code Structure view.
  • New Client/Server skeletons (Communication Monitors, Folders, and IT Servers) for Macros in the Macro Code Structure view.
  • New custom quality rule for Macro lines. It verifies that the COBOL code does not contain deletions, overwritings, or insertions of specific lines inside specified Macros.

Generation Manager

  • Filter text input field.
  • CSV export available.

Web client

  • RPP web client available as a chargeable component, integrated into the Rational Team Concert web interface. It provides data dictionary, processing patterns, and generated code basic read-only views. It also provides simplified search and impact analysis features.


  • e-Business 2.5 Pattern: Generation of the service manager for mono-view development. New delivery precondition to prevent the creation of Data Elements outside the selected scope of components.

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Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

For your convenience, the tabs below identify the supported releases of Rational Programming Patterns from which you can select detailed system requirement reports for different contexts (by Operating System, by component). Note that clicking a link will always generate a new, up-to-date report.

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