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IBM® Rational® DOORS® is a family of requirements definition and requirements management solutions. Rational DOORS allows you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information, while demonstrating compliance to regulations and standards.

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Rational Requirements composer has been renamed to Rational DOORS Next Generation

Product editions:

Rational DOORS: Includes requirements management, traceability and impact analysis capabilities for more formal, rigorous requirements engineering purposes. Rational DOORS is primarily suited for organizations creating manufactured systems and products in highly complex, safety-critical and high-compliance environments. (DOORS Next Generation is available at no additional license cost for customers with active subscription and support for DOORS).
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Rational DOORS Analyst Add On: Extends Rational DOORS with integrated Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling for requirements capture and clarification.
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Rational DOORS Next Generation: Offers support for a range of requirements practices from light-weight requirements to fully regulated systems engineering. Designed for collaboration, Rational DOORS Next Generation provides a single platform for managing requirements so that your teams can work more effectively across disciplines, time zones, and supply chains. DOORS Next Generation is also ideal for DOORS 9 users who want a single-server or purely web-based requirements solution for stronger collaboration among multi-disciplinary product development teams.
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Rational DOORS Web Access: Extends Rational DOORS with web interface that enables stakeholders to create, view, edit and discuss requirements.

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