Instant Team Workplaces for Your Business

  • Find information faster. Locates information quickly by searching an individual's workspaces ("Places") or within a single "Place." Speedily locate and enter team workspaces through "My Places" a new feature which automatically tracks and presents all the "Places" to which an individual belongs.
  • Embed team collaboration. Add team collaboration to a broad range of Web applications, such as a portal, through a standards-based approach -- a new Java/XML API.
  • Add awareness. Work more efficiently in realtime by leveraging IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime). Check to see if a document author is online and ask questions through instant messaging. Or, schedule and attend Web conferences directly from within a IBM Lotus Team Workplace Group Calendar.
  • Retain collective knowledge. IBM Lotus QuickPlace is built to allow team members to easily access information, review specific data, and provide feedback -- all in one place.
  • Use familiar tools. Schedule meetings more effectively using a IBM Lotus QuickPlace 3 team calendar. Make a reservation for Sametime Web conferencing events and have them automatically appear in invitee Lotus Notes R5, Notes 6, or Microsoft Outlook calendars. Create, publish, and share content using round-trip editing with Microsoft Office tools.

What's New in IBM Lotus Quickplace V7.0?

IBM Lotus Domino 7 extended products offer numerous enhancements in features, reliability, availability, and serviceability. The IBM Lotus Domino family of products can enhance the value of a Lotus Domino investment or can be deployed on their own to increase organizational productivity and responsiveness through business-critical collaboration solutions.

New features for Lotus Sametime, Lotus Web conferencing, Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server, Lotus Domino Document Manager, Lotus Workflow, and Lotus QuickPlace include:

  • Enable click-to-call and Web conferencing with integrated audio functionality through the optional integration of Lotus Sametime with leading third party audio solutions
  • Automated Web conference test capability ensure proper PC configuration
  • Enhanced diagnostics and status information for Lotus Sametime, Lotus Web Conferencing, and Lotus QuickPlace
  • Enhanced Macintosh, FireFox support for Lotus Sametime and Lotus QuickPlace
  • Deployment of Lotus Sametime and Lotus QuickPlace on the same server when using i5/OS (iSeries), AIX, or Solaris
  • New Lotus QuickPlace folder-based navigation model
  • Deployment of Lotus QuickPlace on locked-down desktops
  • Refreshed User Interface for Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server

IBM Lotus QuickPlace 7lets users instantly create a team workspace to gain access to timely information and to seamlessly bring together geographically and organizationally dispersed team members. Lotus QuickPlace is designed to increase team productivity, improve general responsiveness, and facilitate collective decision-making.

IBM Lotus Quickplace is the Web-based solution for creating team workspaces for collaboration. With IBM Lotus Quickplace, companies give users a way to securely work with colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers. IBM Lotus Quickplace provides teams with workspaces where they can reach consensus through discussions, collaborate on documents, and coordinate plans, tasks, and resources.

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