Helps prevent insider threats by securing and auditing privileged identities

Stay ahead of insider threats
with predictive, intelligent security

IBM® Security Privileged Identity Manager secures, automates and audits the use of privileged identities to help thwart insider attacks and improve security. It reduces the number of privileged accounts required by an organization and streamlines user access requests for increased productivity. A virtual appliance option and redesigned user interface makes IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager simple to install and manage. The optional Privileged Session Recorder tool records privileged user endpoint activities for improved visibility and security compliance.

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager:

Provides centralized privileged identity management

Controls privileged user activity and sensitive data access

Reduces costs and overhead

Addresses compliance, regulatory and privacy requirements

Provides automated password management and single sign-on

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager resources

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Helps secure, automate and audit privileged identities

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