Delivers fast query performance with petabyte scalability

IBM® PureData™ for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is a simple data appliance for serious analytics. It helps simplify and optimize performance of data services for analytic applications, and runs complex algorithms in minutes instead of hours.

PureData System for Analytics can provide:

Faster speed

Smarter analytics

Simplicity and ease of use

  • Integrates hardware, software and storage, which can lead to shorter deployment cycles and faster time to value for BI and analytic initiatives.
  • Can be deployed quickly - ready to load data in hours.
  • Requires minimal up-front design, and minimal ongoing administration.
  • Does not require indexing or tuning.
  • Simplifies integration with IBM or other big data platforms.
  • Integrates with ETL, BI and analytic applications through standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces.
  • Provides a single management console.

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