High-performance electronic statement retrieval and enterprise report management

The IBM® Content Manager OnDemand family provides high-performance electronic statement retrieval and enterprise report management. It transforms formatted computer output and printed reports, including statements and invoices, into electronic information for easier report management. Content Manager OnDemand products help eliminate costly, high-volume print output by capturing, indexing, archiving and presenting electronic information for improved customer service.

Customer service and Self-service

Enables organizations to offer improved Customer Service and 24 x 7 Self Service access to statements, bills and correspondence to quickly resolve inquiries, improve customer satisfaction and retention. By implementing OnDemand, organizations can reduce customer servicing costs, avoid printing costs, paper use and the need to store paper documents – go green. And, reduce electronic storage costs.

Migrating to Content Manager OnDemand

Lab Services has successfully migrated dozens of satisfied customers to CMOD using a proven phase based methodology. OnDemand provides the most optimized and scalable solution, period. It includes a state of the art Content Navigator client for mobile access, an open API, active roadmap delivering major enhancements every 18 months and an active OnDemand UserGroup (ODUG).

Analytics and Report Mining

Datawatch Report Mining Server RMS is an add-on reseller product that enables Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) to suggest rate plan changes, promotions, new products and services. RMS can also help with marketing initiatives by highlighting information that is normally hidden - to identify buying behaviors, trends and anomalies, for targeted campaigns, cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. RMS can also drastically increase end-user productivity, with one click transformation of existing reports into more usable formats like Excel.

Product editions:

Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms: Enterprise report management software for IBM AIX®, HP-UX, Linux, Linux on IBM System z®, and Microsoft Windows.
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Content Manager OnDemand for i: Enterprise report management software that is architected for the IBM i operating system.
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Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS: Enterprise report management software for the IBM System z® operating system.
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IBM has announced new features and enhancements to Content Manager OnDemand v9.5 for Multiplatforms and z/OS with Fixpack updates available for CMOD i.

The new capabilities include:

  • OnDemand Distribution Facility (ODF): Unified report distribution feature that eliminates platform specific functional differences and helps simplify report distribution activities - including distributing reports to users and notifying users when reports or individual documents are ready
  • XML Indexer: provides the ability to automatically store XML documents and resources into the Content Manager OnDemand repository
    • Documents are extracted and normalized during indexing; resources are extracted and archived with the data to minimize storage requirements
    • Style sheets enable the display of XML documents to be optimized by device – e.g., mobile, tablet or laptop – and to meet accessibility requirements
  • Document Store API: enables documents to be loaded through the OnDemand Web Enablement Kit (ODWEK) Java API
    • Documents are stored in a similar way to documents stored using the traditional batch loading process of Content Manager OnDemand
    • Documents loaded with the Document Store API can participate in Enhanced Retention Management, Full Text Search, and have a full range of expiration options
  • PDF and Advanced Function Printing Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF) indexer enhancement: PDF and ACIF indexers now have the ability to locate and capture values in specific strings or labels within PDF and ACIF reports as information to be indexed
    • Allows users to quickly search for reports and documents using the value of labels or strings in order to improve their customer service and business processes
  • Support for additional languages: with additional support for Russian and Turkish, Content Manager OnDemand now supports a total of 26 languages in order to feet the meets of customers across the world
    • Users can now optionally specify folder names and descriptions in additional multiple languages

The financial services industry is undergoing radical change to identify and promote interoperable business processes that contain risk, reduce cost and deliver effective products and solutions. One example of this change is in the European Union where the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has replaced the legacy domestic retail credit transfers and direct debits with standardized European payments based on XML ISO 20022 messages.

ISO 20022 provides a more efficient way of developing and implementing messaging standards that financial institutions and clients use to exchange massive amounts of transactional information. SEPA may be viewed primarily as a standardization project, but it is important to look beyond the compliance and standards aspects and leverage SEPA to make treasury operations more efficient and effective.


Download this solution brief to learn about the significant changes taking place in the financial industry. Changes include the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and direct debits with standardized European payments that use XML based ISO 20022 messages.

Download Solution Brief


XML Indexing Key Capabilities:

  • Simplified XML document loading and handling
  • Documents and indices are identified and normalized for loading into the Content Manager OnDemand Repository
  • Document resources are extracted and archived with the document data
  • XSLT style sheets may be used for on-the-fly specific display formats based on user preference

XML Indexing Benefits:

Organizations can manage the rapid increase in archiving mandates for financial transactions and meet additional related goals including:

  • Automatically batch index and archive XML transactional messages and statements including SEPA / ISO20022 - to keep core financial systems lean
  • Fast search and retrieval for use in customer service, case and discovery applications, or for use by other business activities such as analytics
  • Document display optimized by device - mobile, tablet, or laptop; Documents can also be transformed to meet accessibility requirements
  • Documents are securely retained to meet operational, legal and compliance requirements
  • High compression rates and efficient architecture minimize archive storage costs and system footprint

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