IBM Operational Decision Manager
Decision Governance Framework

Automate and govern repeatable decisions

IBM® Operational Decision Manager provides an elegant development environment, along with dedicated, business user interfaces, for automating and governing frequently occurring, repeatable business decisions across processes and applications.

IBM Operational Decision Manager helps support the ‘smart’ in Smarter Process, supporting decision automation inside business processes, mobile applications and cloud environments.

IBM Operational Decision Manager, built on the success of IBM ILOG® JRules, consists of two components, which form a platform for managing and executing business rules and business events.

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IBM Operational Decision Manager

Automate and govern repeatable decisions

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New decision engine for increased performance and scalability

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IBM® Operational Decision Manager V8.5.1 helps you detect and react to data patterns within a specified time period and provide the appropriate response to transactional and process-oriented business systems. It enables the creation of applications to intelligently automate a wide range of decisions, from product promotions to fraud determinations.

IBM Operational Decision Manager helps you adapt quickly to changing conditions, align across business and IT and act with precision and reliability. It provides visibility to achieve clearer line of sight to business operations, collaboration capabilities to foster cross-functional and cross-divisional outcomes and built-in governance to align business operations with strategic intent.

IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.5.1 delivers:


A new Decision Engine

A new incremental migration tool

Greater deployment opportunities

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