Flexible storage for evolving business workloads

IBM Cloud Object Storage Public Services offers a scalable and durable unstructured data store for a broad range of workloads, including cloud-native applications and on-premises data. IBM provides a portfolio of robust, cloud-based object storage public services designed to deliver superior flexibility in data access frequency and resiliency. Employ stand-alone services or integrate them with other IBM Cloud services including analytics, compute and cognitive services.

Accessible through a self-service portal, the cloud-based services reside on the shared multi-tenant IBM Cloud infrastructure spanning a global network of data centers managed by IBM experts. Access the highly secure services from anywhere in the world through object storage RESTful APIs including OpenStack Swift and S3–compatible APIs. IBM Cloud Object Storage Public Services is priced based on a consumption model; clients pay for only what they use on a monthly basis. No fixed or CapEx costs are involved at any time.

Benefits of IBM Cloud Object Storage Public Services

  • Flexible: Match your workload requirements for a wide variety of applications including cloud-native applications such as Internet of Things and mobile or on-premises applications such as archiving, backup and content repositories.
  • Scalable: Start at any initial capacity with virtually unlimited scalability. Scale your capacity usage up or down at any time, and pay for only what you use.
  • Resilient: Avoid downtime during hardware or software maintenance, power outages and link or site failures. Maintain services availability during region-wide outages, including natural disasters.
  • Secure: Protect data at rest using automatic provider-side AES-256 encryption and SHA-256 hash. Secure data in motion using built-in, carrier-grade TLS/SSL or SNMPv3 with AES encryption. Also generate and manage credentials for each user access, and use digital certificates to protect all network connections against rogue attacks.

Public cloud service portfolio

Multi-tenant IBM Cloud Object Storage Public Services is available in four classes: Standard, Vault, Cold Vault, and Flex.

  • Standard: This service is for unstructured data that requires frequent access, such as DevOps, collaboration and action content repositories.
  • Vault: This service is for workloads with infrequently accessed data, such as backup, archive and compliance workloads.
  • Cold Vault: This deployment option is ideal for minimum access requirements, historical records compliancy and long-term backup.
  • Flex: Deploy for varying data access requirements and protect your budget from unexpected cost fluctuations.

Implement Standard, Vault, Cold Vault, and Flex services in two resiliency options: Regional and Cross-Region:

  • Regional: Data is deployed in multiple IBM Cloud facilities within a single geographic zone, helping to protect data from common component failures and power outages.
  • Cross-Region: Data is deployed in IBM Cloud data centers across three or more geographic zones, helping ensure business continuity and workload data accessibility in multiple regions.


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