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IBM® MQ Advanced helps to meet your current and emerging connectivity needs reliably with a complete, integrated and universal messaging solution. This rapid, simple and secure messaging engine provides seamless connectivity between applications, systems and services spread across disparate locations. This comprehensive messaging strategy includes managed file transfer, advanced message security, lightweight messaging between the mainframes and mobile, as well as machine to machine connectivity, helping to reduce business costs and complexities, while speeding time to value.

IBM MQ Advanced for Developers is available at no-charge for development purposes for Windows and Linux platforms. There is also a no-charge, 90-day trial for all platforms.

MQ Advanced provides:

Versatile messaging integration

Message delivery assurance

High performance messaging transport

Simplified manageability and administration

Enhanced developer productivity

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More and more enterprises today have recognized and demanded the value of a single integrated messaging solution to efficiently and reliably serve today’s complex integration needs.

IBM MQ Advanced V8 provides combined entitlement to all the core functions and capabilities delivered by the offering, without needing additional separate entitlements for each chargeable component.


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