Predictive analytics for marketers using IBM SPSS software

IBM® SPSS® Modeler Advantage Enterprise Marketing Management Edition (also known as SPSS Modeler Advantage Marketing Edition) enables marketers to build predictive models on their own, without the help of analytical specialists, to improve the results of marketing programs. It allows marketing users to determine the most effective customer segmentation methods, which customers are most likely to respond, customer lifetime value and optimal cross-sell opportunities by customer. IBM SPSS Modeler Advantage Marketing Edition is a chargeable component of IBM Campaign, enabling marketers to use predictive analytics to improve campaign response rates.

SPSS Modeler Advantage Marketing Edition helps marketers to:

Predict customer responses for improved marketing program results

Utilize many of the most powerful predictive algorithms and approaches

Build predictive models and choose which model can achieve optimal results

Draw on the analytic power of IBM SPSS Modeler

SPSS Modeler Advantage Marketing Edition

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