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IBM® MobileFirst Platform enables you to build, enhance and continuously deliver mobile apps efficiently and effectively. It extends the development, delivery and management capabilities of IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation with the addition of scalable data services, code scanning, quality assurance and geo-location support.
The result is an integrated platform that accelerates the delivery of your mobile strategy with increased productivity and security—and provides users with a more engaging experience.

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Product editions:

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation: Helps enterprises deliver on their mobile strategy, providing an open, comprehensive platform to develop, test, secure and manage native, hybrid and mobile web apps.
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IBM MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Data Layer Local Edition: Addresses the hybrid cloud demands of mobile application data management. It is available on premises, private cloud or public cloud.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Quality Assurance: Enables you to validate mobile applications with testers and beta users and analyze user feedback from idea through production to improve mobile apps. It is available on premises, private cloud or public cloud.
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IBM Presence Insights: Optimizes the mobile experience by gaining insights into activity in and around a physical location, and enabling contextually relevant engagement strategies.

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