Build, integrate, deploy and manage apps at scale

How much could you save by investing in a mobile application platform?

IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation provides an open, comprehensive platform to develop, test, secure and manage mobile apps. It does this with reduced development costs and faster time to market.

It helps to accelerate delivery of mobile apps with development libraries, secure integration, continuous delivery and a ubiquitous data layer to provide a more engaging user experience.

IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation is available on premises, as well as on a private or public cloud.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation is made up of these components:

IBM MobileFirst Server is mobile-optimized middleware that serves as a gateway between applications, back-end systems and cloud-based services.

IBM MobileFirst Device Runtime Components offer runtime client application program interfaces (API) designed to enhance security, governance and usability.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Cloudant® Data Layer Local Edition is a database management system designed to support scaling demands and form an optimized data backend for your mobile applications.

IBM MobileFirst Application Center enables you to set up an enterprise app store that manages the distribution of production-ready mobile apps.

IBM MobileFirst Console is an administrative GUI designed to provide real-time operational analytics for the server, adapters, applications and push services. It helps you manage, monitor and instrument mobile apps.

With IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation you can:

Build apps for any mobile operating environment and device

Connect and synchronize mobile apps

Safeguard mobile security

Manage your mobile app portfolio from a single central interface

Use scalable data services

IBM MobileFirst Platform: Build, Integrate and Scale

Make good apps into great apps with IBM MobileFirst Platform. IBM MobileFirst Platform delivers rich services and then integrates them for an end-to-end experience for mobile development and operations teams.

IBM MobileFirst Platform: Build, Integrate and Scale

IBM MobileFirst Platform Components

Compose and consume only the services you need with our Platform Components.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Components

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IBM MobileFirst Platform: Build, Integrate and Scale

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IBM MobileFirst Platform Components

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation resources

Operating System Software Hardware
See detailed system requirements complete list of software requirements. See detailed system requirements complete list of hardware requirements.

This document provides system requirements information on the supported releases of IBM Worklight, IBM Mobile Foundation and IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern from which you can select system requirements in different levels and organization of detail.


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The latest release of MobileFirst Platform Foundation continues to enhance and simplify the way enterprises develop, integrate, deploy and administer their mobile applications.

It comes with:

Introduction of the Addressable Device

Two new flexible ordering options are based on a new metric called the Addressable Device:

The Addressable Device metric enables businesses to start with a small investment and to grow as adoption grows. This metric also gives businesses the flexibility to use their entitlement across multiple applications.

The tracking mechanism resets the counters at the beginning of each month, so that businesses can adapt to their production usage and stage the production rollout of multiple development projects simultaneously – all while leveraging the full capabilities of MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

Introduction of MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Local

MobileFirst Platform Foundation also includes a limited use entitlement to MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Local at no additional charge. This limited-use entitlement enables MobileFirst Platform Foundation customers to use Cloudant Local as the basis for NoSQL based data storage for mobile apps.

MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Local is powered by Cloudant Local. It provides a scalable, fault tolerant, enterprise JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and geographical JavaScript Object Notation (GeoJSON) database. It features an easy-to-use administration and management capabilities, rich developer support and powerful mobile and web capabilities. It is designed for applications that require the availability, elasticity and reach of possibly massive amounts of mobile, Internet of Things or device and cloud customers.

Separate entitlement to MobileFirst Cloudant Local is available for an additional charge. It can augment this limited-use entitlement to leverage the core attributes of Cloudant Local such as elastic scalability, high availability, fault tolerance and master-master replication.

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