Improve caseworker productivity and enable delivery of new applications

Systems of Engagement are becoming more and more important for health and social program organizations, as the need increases for caseworkers to get immediate access to vital client information.

IBM has responded with the introduction of IBM® Curam Mobile and Systems of Engagement for Health and Social Programs. Cúram Mobile provides a fully integrated front-end to IBM Cúram Social Program Management, enabling caseworkers and care workers in the field to be more productive while visiting clients.

Additionally, mobile development tools are provided for organizations to build new systems of engagement, allowing them to develop their own access points into Cúram Social Program Management using smartphones, tablets, kiosks, applets or other
mobile devices.

IBM Curam Mobile and Systems of Engagement provides:

  • IBM Cúram Mobile – a highly-functional mobile front-end to the industry-leading IBM Cúram Social Program Management solution, providing caseworkers in the field with improved client engagement processes, resulting in better outcomes with improved efficiency and effectiveness, from preparing for visits to updating client records in
    real time.
  • Mobile development tools – enabling organizations to create new ways of accessing Cúram Social Program Management. Application development services and APIs can be used to bring social program management to kiosks, applets, mobile devices
    and more.

IBM Cúram Mobile

  • Empowers those who care for individuals in vulnerable populations (e.g. children, elderly, homeless) by transforming visitation processes with mobile management of their clients’ records. Anytime access to case files allows them to make ad hoc updates, resulting in more accurate, efficient and responsive services and record management.
  • Provides caseworkers with the information they need, such as client demographics, previous visit notes, multi-disciplinary team notes, family information, services being received, progress, risks and goals of visit, eliminating the need to collate records and tote client files around with them.
  • Equips caseworkers with the ability to determine and document appropriate courses of action without losing vital information and while maintaining full engagement with their client.
  • Is an out of the box offering that requires no development effort to connect to Cúram Social Program Management.
  • Is designed for use on the Apple iPad.

Mobile development tools

  • Allows mobile developers to take advantage of services from Cúram to independently develop a mobile app in their preferred development environment.
  • Provides Cúram RESTful APIs that support integration of Cúram using standard HTTP methods, enabling new approaches for developing mobile applications, front-end web applications and connecting to online devices and services.
  • Provides a RESTful infrastructure that enables developers to discover and try a service in less than one minute, integrate service in under an hour and easily create services for use cases.

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