Secure gateway to the Internet of Things and high-performance mobile messaging

Unlock possibilities with IBM MessageSight. Designed for the Internet of Things and mobile environments.

IBM® MessageSight is designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile environments. It provides a secure, DMZ-ready channel for lightweight, rapid, bi-directional messaging. IBM MessageSight delivers the performance, value and simplicity you need to accommodate the growing number of mobile devices and sensors.

IBM MessageSight helps you open new up mobile use cases with low latency bi-directional control. You can push secure information to mobile apps and enable a more interactive, immersive experience.

IBM MessageSight is suitable for both private and public cloud infrastructures, deploying on-premise or in the cloud. It deploys into VMware, SoftLayer and Amazon environments.

IBM MessageSight provides:



Developer-friendly APIs and libraries


Scalability and high performance

IBM MessageSight resources

Secure gateway to the Internet of Things and high-performance mobile messaging

IBM MessageSight V1.2 introduces a virtual edition for deployment to private and public cloud environments for development, test and production use.

You can deploy to VMware environments with the vmware image and quickly deploy to SoftLayer with the CCI image for development and test—then use the SoftLayer bare metal image to go into production. 

There is also an image that allows you to deploy MessageSight to the Amazon cloud. 

Enhancements in 1.2 include:

Improved security. OAuth support, Lightweight Third-Party Authentication (LTPA) single sign on, and enhanced group management.

Message management. Expiry, discard and dynamic policies.

Industry-standard MQTT v3.1.1 support with value-added features, such as shared subscriptions.

Protocol plug-in technical preview to extend the reach of IBM MessageSight by creating a custom protocol handler.

Improvements to monitoring: SNMP, new filters, queries, and statistics.

Improved dashboard: Charting and statistics making it simpler to manage.

Enhanced serviceability: Log file rotation, purging and offloading remote syslog support.


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